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Queen Elizabeth tests positive for Covid: has mild symptoms

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“We will continue to work” Buckingham Palace has reported that Her Majesty the Queen plans to continue providing “light duty assignments at Windsor next week”.

Greetings from Johnson for a “speedy recovery”. The Queen immediately received a barrage of good wishes from the United Kingdom and the world. In the front row are key British politicians and party leaders, starting with Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who wrote in a tweet that he was “sure to speak on behalf of everyone wishing Her Majesty the Queen a full recovery from Covid and a speedy return to good health and vitality”. She is also congratulated by Health Minister Sajid Javid, Treasurer Rishi Sunak and Labor’s first opposition in Parliament Keir Starmer, among others.

The 95-year-old has received three doses of the vaccine, and in addition to her son Charles, her son-in-law Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, has also recently tested positive. Confirmation that the king was in direct contact with her eldest son arrived in her positivity week.

This surprising announcement comes just weeks after the country’s longest serving king joined Historic Platinum Jubilee 70 years to the throneFebruary 6, last year.

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