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Water in the ears is a major irritant, especially when getting out of the pool or sea water. Why don’t you shake your head.

Water ears do not shake the head
(tung256 – Pixabay)

L ‘Water in ears It can be very annoying for people getting out of the water. For this, many people tend to shake there head to deleteWater in excessbut now Sciences Warns Risks related to this practice.

In fact, four researchers FromCornell University Born in Virginia Tech I highlighted ruin Especially in young children. In coordination with a representative of the university New Yorkexperts showed how shake there head to deleteWater in ears It can lead to ruin to me brain This is not a joke at all.

Water in the ears What experts say about shaking your head

Water ears how to do
(Mix Photography – Pixabay)

In order to prove their theory, the researchers did this reproduced The audio cable for someone who has Technique From 3D modeling using like Material The glass Let’s see how much he was able to resist Necessary pressure To clean the liquid from the ears.

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The result It was really ruthless. In fact, the Pay necessary considered sufficient for Create ruin to me brainwhere he was almost working to move 10 grams From Water. this is PayHowever, it is not the same in any case. Based onWater From to remove and from it the soundThis can be stronger – causing more damage – or milder. Of course, this duty It also depends on the size of the ear canal.

Unfortunately, the children They have reduced duct Compared to an adult, they also have Bigger risk And they could really get hurt. The first thing to do is Advise against For the little ones this practice. what is it alternatives?

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Can the father shake only the lobe FromEar Gently, or call the child ride on me loin, until the water disappears on its own due to the force of gravity. Finally, it is important to have one available solution for earsThis reduces discomfort and allows you to flush out the water without shaking your head.


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