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Working at Lidl, how much do employees earn? The salary is really good

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For the past 23 years, Lidl has been present in Italy with its own retail chain, mainly food.

Employees at Lidl –

It was actually 1999 when the distribution chain The German, who was born in Germany in the mid-seventies, opened her country The first market in Italian soil.

Lidl has only had success since landing in Italy

Since that year, Lidl has achieved commercial success Relentless even here in Italy, so much so that it is present in all regions and provinces of Italy. And the brand now Famous, recognizable, and above all For the quality of the products it sells, which also achieved very important results last year.

In fact at the beginning of 2002, scrolling the official page On Lidl’s Instagram profile, we read this note: “For the sixth year in a row, we are the #Best Employer! Lidl Italy, yes It is also awarded this year a certificate of excellence Earned HR from the Top Employers Institute! “.

LIDL – . Shopping Coupon

And to be satisfied with the results obtained by this companyit is not only the entrepreneurs who are responsible for it, but also the customers who conquer the super diversified daily Markets are spread all over Italy.

To be satisfied, according to an anonymous evaluation (and therefore considered valid), they are the same employees who work inside the POS. This is because the staff from As it turns out, they are treated absolutely Dignified, with rewards equal if not higher than other realities of the same kind located on the territory of the peninsula.

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The salaries of the employees of this series are among the highest in our country

Official data was released recently, it seemsOr by Lidl itself, where annual salaries are described for professionals located at the same points of sale. we stay Speaking of indifferent characters, this is understandable High degree of employee satisfaction.

Lidl . carts
Lidl carts –

Going to mere numbers, we discover that the employee Retail earns 29,400 euros. The first level employee receives 36,500 euros, + 2,000 euros for a commercial employee. The cashier receives a salary of 21,200 €. The trainee receives an amount of 12,800 euros.

A manager who manages a branch gets an annual salary of 54,200 euros

The most important pension is awarded to the sales manager, which can earn up to 82,200 euros. Therefore, given these amounts, it is easy to understand Like employees working in various Lidl Satisfied with this business opportunity.

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