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Domino’s Pizza closes its doors in Italy: too much debt

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It was a marriage destined to fail, the marriage between Italy and Domino’s Pizza. And in the end, the American chain quietly escaped from the peninsula. In terms of customers never appreciated the ‘Hawaiian’ with pork and pineapple, it is seen as more of a rage for the local culture than a crazy alternative to classic culture. Margherita Pizza. The Italians preferred to continue buying the variants they had been accustomed to for decades.

The best one four Cheese From “Cheddar Melt”, better Satan From “Passion for Pepperoni” (Don’t Be Fooled by False FriendThe word pepperoni in English means hot salami) and the best of them vegetable garden From “vegetables”. Even if it wasn’t just consumer tastes that shifted Domino’s Pizza out of Italy.

Why Domino’s Pizza Failed in Italy: It’s (Also) a Delivery Error

In the 2015the year of the chain’s launch in Italy with a franchise agreement signed by ePizza Spa, Domino’s Pizza aims to offer Italian customers Services creative At that time, such as the ability to access express delivery service on a national scale. Also, as already mentioned, tastes contrasted with the local competition that distinguished the American giant from the rest of the show.

The original plan predicted the opening 880 points a discount. However, due to the Covid pandemic, local pizzerias have begun to deploy increasingly organized and practical delivery services, relying on multinational companies in this sector such as just eatAnd the Deliveroo And the Glovo.

Thus he brought into the homes of Italians a product that is seen as qualitatively to improveor in any case closer to our own concept of pizza through the use of third-party applications, it is simpler and more enjoyable in terms of user experience than those in the series.

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Domino’s pizza is full of debt, court protection has expired

Domino’s Pizza has not released official balance sheets, but according to budgets for 2020, losses in Italy 10.6 million euros. At the same level, the multinational has a worldwide turnover of more than $4 billion, with a net profit of $491 million and a global workforce, including internal employees and franchises, of 290,000 workers.

The Milan court, in April, ordered the legal protection of 90 days by creditors. A procedure to prevent banks from demanding repayment of debts or taking measures to confiscate assets. However, the action ended on July 1, the date the chain began dismantling the few remaining stores on the peninsula.

Domino’s Pizza unexpectedly closes in Italy: many comments on social media

The the last 13 Italian restaurants at Domino’s Pizza have closed, seven years after they opened. Fans of the series also discovered, surprisingly, trying to order via the official website and other delivery services. Many have flocked to the social channels of the American pizza icon Asks Explanationsbut without receiving any answers.

Thus ended the Italian chapter of the most famous pizza in the United States. Who has not managed to win the heart of the people who, while open to the contamination of fast food and ethnic cuisine, always defend national excellence by the sword. And he doesn’t want to be educated on how to make typical dishes, especially from hated Americans Pineapple on pizza and cream in carbonara.

If you want to eat one Good pizza, here we have revealed the best in Italy. You can find instead Here are all the best Italian pizza. With all due respect to those who failed to enter the rankings like Flavio Briatore with his new pizzeria, which we told you about here.

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