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Keanu Reeves, the antagonist par excellence

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His kindness and philanthropy are often the subject of sharing on social networks. But that gloomy look hides something else…

Always this somewhat sad expression. That bleak look. Keanu Reeves is one of the most famous Hollywood actors. But it’s also the antibiotic par excellence. He recently made a comeback by re-dressing as Neo in the fourth installment of the Matrix saga. But in his life not only success, but also a lot and a lot of suffering. Maybe that’s why it always has such a sad and nostalgic vibe.

Keanu Reeves (web image)

As mentioned, he is best known for playing Neo in the sci-fi quadrilateral The Matrix. And many fans have been waiting for almost twenty years for him to return for the role of the chosen one.

His other notable roles include Gigolo Scott Favor in the drama “The Beautiful and the Damned”, Jack Traven in “Speed”, Shane Falco in “The Reserves”, Prince Siddhartha in “Little Buddha”, attorney Kevin Lomax in the supernatural thriller “The Devil’s Advocate”, with The great Al Pacino, Detective Johnny Utah in “Point Break”, John Constantine in the movie of the same name, Johnny Mnemonic and John Wick in the movies of the same name.

In short, Keanu Reeves’ career is very long. And these are just some of the films that made him a famous actor. But despite the successIncome, Fame, Keanu Reeves He’s always been of the reserved type, not inclined to the jet set. The antidote par excellence.

His kindness and philanthropy are often the subject of sharing on social networks. Keanu Reeves is also loved for this. And behind this nature to himlikely, There is also a lot of suffering. Because the events he was involved in are already quite dramatic.

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Success does not erase the pain

From an early ageAnd the Keanu had to face the rigors of life. With his parents separated, Keanu was a messy boy who ended up on bad turns. And at the end, Even in prison for dealing in heroin. The first experience that distinguished him a lot.

Beside Destroyed by the disappearance of his friend River Phoenix, brother of actor Joaquin Phoenix (“The Wrestler” and “The Joker” among other films). River was also a very promising actor. Among the very successful films, “Stand by Me – Memory of the Summer”, and, more precisely, “Beautiful and Damned”, in which friendship with Keanu Reeves was solidified. But the River Phoenix is ​​dying At only 23 years old.

Not even the time to recover from a serious bereavement, which for Keanu Reeves comes another dramatic period. He became engaged in 1999 with actress Jennifer Syme, and a year later, their first child was born who died a few days later of a congenital heart defect. After this event, the couple broke up.

Keanu Reeves (Getty Images) 2
Keanu Reeves (Getty Images)

On April 2, 2001, Jennifer died in a car accidentunder the influence of a combination of drugs and other substances due to a party hosted by singer Marilyn Manson.

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The drama that deeply marked the life of Keanu Reeves. For many years there was no news about his private life. This is because success cannot take away much pain.

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