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Michele Bombasinho at Yeahjasi Music Event Space in Brindisi

Michele Bombasinho at Yeahjasi Music Event Space in Brindisi

Toast Returns Wednesday, March 2 at 6.30pm, at Yeahjasi Brindisi Spazio Musica, inside the former Convent of Santa Chiara, rendezvous with the review story dedicated to the music and art scene in Brindisi. Designed and curated by radio speaker Marco Greco, it focuses on the stories and images of the eras and characters that have marked and continue to define the history of the local art scene. Each encounter includes interviews, photo and video projection of artists, groups, events and concerts, book presentations and cultural activities. The new Yeahjasi Spazio Musica revision aims to stimulate the interest of new generations and society through memory, testimonies, experiences, and knowledge of new standard and editorial works, awards, and various proposed music genres, from the 1960s to the 2000s. A tribute to local creativity that will lead to a long journey filled with suggestions, ferments and memories. The guest of the second date will be writer Michele Pompasinho of Brindisi to present his new book “The Book Officer” (Les Flàneurs Edizioni), a fun, compelling and soulful novel. A kind of homage to the passions, writing, literature, and most followed books by its author. An editorial work full of humanity as the music maintains its own consistent nature throughout the story, which is also combined with a playlist to listen to while reading the chapters.

“Highly Creative…Stories with Notes” will take place at Yeahjasi Brindisi Spazio Musica, Ex Convento Santa Chiara, via S. Chiara 2. Free entry with a commitment to an enhanced green pass and FFP2 mask.

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