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Swiss hockey at the exhibition “ON ICE – Magic of Ice” at the Leventina Museum

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By Andrea Schurer

We will talk about a lot of hockey, to be precise, Swiss, at the exhibition “ON ICE – MAGIC OF ICE”, which will open from May 14, 2022 to visitors at the Museo Leventina in Giornico (CH). This Saturday, starting at 3 pm, will be the opening of the exhibition, which will also be attended by many players from Hockey Club Ambrì Piotta and Hockey Club Lugano. Admission on inauguration day will be free, and then for a fee. The exhibition will run until October 29, 2023.

The exhibition ON ICE – Magic of Ice is divided into five thematic sections that will lead visitors to discover the different historical and social aspects that develop around ice in a playful way. For example, the question arises: in what number of ways can ice be exploited? How and where have you skied in the past? Is there really a team identity?

A visit to the exhibition will be an opportunity to discover some new aspects of one of the most important phenomena of Swiss hockey: the derby between teams Umbro-Biotta and Lugano. On the screen, you will be able to see both historical and contemporary objects including a very rich collection of vintage skates and playfully interact with the fixtures.

As cold and sterile as it may sound, ice awakens people’s imagination and creativity. Social dynamics develop around the ice, the spirit of collecting is enhanced and moments of lightness are shared. Through playing and ice sports such as hockey, figure skating or curling, one can discover ritual situations and observe the initiation of the values ​​shared by the community.

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To visit the exhibition ON ICE – Magic of Ice, you have to be ready to challenge yourself, have fun, show your skills and fight for victory!

At the end of the visit, in the last room, you can find out the result of the match.

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