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DeLorean sues Back to the Future: The cause is incredible

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An earthquake will shake Universal Corporation. Even DeLorean is suing her on sensational grounds to say the least.

Everything would have started from the agreements reached in 1989 that were not respected in the end. Specifically a movie production company NDC Universal it will not be distributed to DeLorean Profits accrued related to the sale Of the trade related to the well-known trio that represented the actors Michael J Fox and Christopher Lloyd.

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Pecunia non olet, but above all it is often a cause of conflict. And so even on the occasion that the illustrious world met the automotive world simply for a matter of entertainment, or rather the creation of a movie, we ended up with sealed papers and visits to the courts.

DeLorean is suing Universal

Rewinding the storyline, it all began in 1981 when the DeLorean Motor CompanyI gave birth to his only car DeLorean DMC-12. Featuring gull-wing doors and equipped with an unpainted stainless steel body, it was supposed to conquer the car market, and instead it was a real flop. Produced in 9,200 samples, it did not achieve the desired success with the public.

But if he didn’t convince her technically and performatively, her appearance in the Back to the Future trilogy of 1985, 1989 and 1990 won her popularity among movie fans. He has become such a real icon, that all products related to the film, from posters, T-shirts and hats to Lego have put him at the center. It has even been widely reproduced.

And this is where the good and the bad come in. As reported by the Los Angeles Times, the company’s four-wheel sponsors have never taken Universal’s position well.

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In practice, this would have failed to honor agreements made in 1989, or in correspondence with the release of Episode II. And what will they be? Basically those related to payment a DeLorean The consideration generated from the sale of goods and other business initiatives.

The truth of what happened

According to reports from the Texas automaker, revenue should have been 5% of total revenue. But in the end the amount will only be paid in part.

Hence, after not receiving a response to the formal requests sent by mail, the company would have decided to activate its lawyers in the hope of obtaining something from the rights holders.

Despite constant use before NBC Universal of the license originally granted to Universal StudiosHowever, after paying some of the royalties, the film company was unable to clear the entire amount owed DMC extension For the same use, under the 1989 ConventionExplanation given by a lawyer.

Should it win, the payoff would be mind-boggling if you consider the three films directed at the box office. Robert Zemeckis They made nearly a billion dollars. A number clearly higher than the number that DeLorean Obtained from sale DMC-12.

So a particular car with a lot of sparkle is back in the headlines, but is a loser in terms of motorist response. We’ll see if he gets early access at this point at least.

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