Home Economy The supermarket, the trick that makes you pay a lot of money: it inflates the receipt

The supermarket, the trick that makes you pay a lot of money: it inflates the receipt

The supermarket, the trick that makes you pay a lot of money: it inflates the receipt

Supermarkets want to sell their products in any way possible. Therefore, they resort to psychological marketing strategies to increase customer consumption.

Supermarket scam
Receipt – LettoQuotidiano.it

Everything is designed so that those who walk into the supermarket end up buying products they didn’t have in mind at the time of shopping.

supermarket strategies

Most of us enter with a shopping list in our wallet (someone prepares it and leaves it at home …), so as not to forget about the purchases that will be made, but we always leave the supermarket With so much in the cart.

Finally in the car, unpacking the shopping bags, one wonders why…well, we weren’t aware of the real market strategies, all with one purpose: to get us to spend more.

Young man shopping in supermarkets
Young man buying in supermarkets – BedQuotidiano.it

first point You play with the senses. Silence is not acceptable in the supermarket, which is why we always find music. And even if we think it was chosen at random, it isn’t.

A certain type of music encourages you to keep going slower And quietly in the buying process, while if the music was faster, we would buy it faster.

Colors also play an important role in deceiving the eyes. So in the butcher shop you can see the pink used to make the meat look redder, while in the fish shop white and blue are used to highlight the scales and Fish freshness.

How are the shelves arranged?. It is established that the consumer buys what is directly at or below eye level. That’s why the most expensive products can be found there while you find them The cheapest ones should be folded.

Chocolate bars or candies are generally at an accessible height so little ones can pick them up without any problem.

Basic products at the bottom of the supermarket

If chewing gum and candy and all those trinkets that kids love so much are usually found next to the pay counters, it’s all about the basic necessities I’m down.

This forces us to do so Meander between lanes and buggies To reach the bread counter.

So, in general, all the basic products, essential to the purchase, are placed at the end of the store so that consumers walk through more aisles and see the so-called “irrational products”, i.e. those they did not intend to buy but that End Anyway in the basket or cart.

Eventually, before we knew it, we filled the cart, still in the middle of the list that didn’t include buying other products, thus inflating the receipt!

A full cart in the supermarket aisle
Full cart in the supermarket aisle – BedQuotidiano.it

How many times have we spent time looking for sugar? It is true that some mentioned at the beginning of the indicators lane, but between the length of the same lane (with two wings), the height and different portswe end up passing in front of the shelves of products we didn’t intend to buy!

Don’t worry, you’re not alone with this feeling of dread: Supermarket Sales Strategies They are a detailed science for decades. And the proof of his success is the cars that get bigger and bigger to give you the feeling Not buying enough


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