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De Gennaro: “Conte wins but he doesn’t play great football. Vlahovic? Apart from Haaland…”

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The former player’s statements about the Juventus moment and the future of Vlahovic in the market

Antonio by Gennaro, a former football player and now TV commentator and commentator, spoke during the broadcast of “Maracana” on Radio TMW:

Juventus Allegri bored?

“It’s very easy to say now, but he’s a great coach and his story tells it. At Juventus it’s not easy to win, you have to be good. Pirlo and Sarri, like him, didn’t have the right players. I’m a great coach. He’s in a tough state but everyone has it. In the end. See Spalletti. Allegri, if he gets the right team, he will win at Juventus. Conte wins and shows football? I won’t say. Guardiola shows football but since when did he not win the Champions League? The story says that, and that does not make football a show , but also the history of Juventus, which he never did. Did Lippi do that? I would say no.”

Vlahovic almost opened up about renewal. Do you believe him?

“I don’t know. Fiorentina was a lady proposed to the player. A player like this deserves, except for Haaland, there is no such player. He is important and they wanted to keep him, if he wants to stay he stays and signs.”

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