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AIA Benevento, a national football referee course | NTR24.TV

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The Italian Referees Association – Benevento Division announces the National Football Referees Course for the 2022/2023 football season. The Benevento department welcomes free of charge all interested parties who have completed the fourteenth year of life on the date of the examination and have not yet passed the fortieth year.

New referees are entitled to the LEGEA uniform, and for each refereed match, expenses must be reimbursed based on the kilometer distance. During the first competitions, the judges will be accompanied by a “teacher” who will teach them to deal with papers and help them with the difficulties of the first trials. In addition, every AIA referee possesses the Federal Card which allows him to enter free of charge into every stadium to attend any match organized by FIGC on national territory.

It is reported that it is possible to register even if it is registered in a football club: for those who play in the youth sector and schools, in fact, it is possible to cover the “dual role” of the referee and the football player. At the end of the course, the candidate will take a written and oral exam on the rules of the game of football and a physical fitness test.

Anyone intending to register or wishing to request more information can send an email by 30 September 2022 with their name, surname, date of birth and phone number to: [email protected] or contact the Course Director Antonio Caputo at the following address: 3491559676.

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