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Sandra Melo How old are you? Thomas Milian will be his age

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Sandra Mello is one of the most famous faces in the world of Italian cinema. How old is he? There is great curiosity and certain details.

Sandra Melo He is without a doubt one of the most famous, emblematic and representative figures in the world of Italian cinema. On the other hand, we are talking about a woman who conquered many with her style, elegance and femininity. It cannot be otherwise.

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However, the question that many ask themselves can only be one: but How old is the actress? To answer, we must first recall some important episodes of his life, both professional and private. Therefore, all that remains is to go into the details and details of the question, because curiosity is really a lot.

Sandra Melo, age and date of birth

Sandra Melo, the pen name of Salvatris Elena Greco, was born in Tunisia onMarch 11, 1933. So, the woman turned 89 years old. Next year he will turn ninety, and he will enter even more in the history of Italian cinema. Born, as mentioned, in Tunisia to a Sicilian father and a Tuscan mother, she grew up in Vicopisano, a medieval village not far from Pisa, but then moved to Viareggio.

However, the woman has always talked a lot about her private and emotional life. It is not surprising that she got married at the age of fifteen Marquis Cesar Rodriguero. However, the two separated after 21 days of marriage, and obtained an annulment from Sacra Rota, due to the loss of the child. Subret then married a Greek producer, which lasted 11 years Maurice Ergas, He also had a daughter, Deborah. Then I got married for the third time with Ottavio de Lawless, He bore him two more children: Ciro and Azura. At the moment, he appears to be romantically attached to the entrepreneur Alessandro RotaruHe is 38 years younger than her.

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However, what can be defined by her forbidden stories has also been talked about by Milo. It’s no coincidence that she was the same, during an episode of Porta e Porta years ago, having been there for 17 years. Federico Fellini lover. And it seems that in the ’80s, he also had a romance with him Betino Craxi, Then the leader of PSI.

Sandra Melo, who is she? his career

  • name and surname: Salvatris Elena Greco
  • date of Birth: March 11, 1933
  • place of birth: Tunisia
  • Height: 170 cm
  • Weight: 60 kg

His first appearance dates back to 1955 in the movie BSCside by side Alberto Sordi. His first major role came but four later The general, Where he starred alongside Vittorio de Sica. In the following years he worked alongside Eduardo De Filippo, Vittorio Gasman and Marcello Mastroianni. Hence her career has seen a constant and continuous rise, to the point that it has led her to work with great directors like Pupi Avati and Gabriele Salvatores

Sandra Melo has also been a TV personality over the years. For example, during the 2001 Sanremo Festival, she was a regular commentator on the program live the life. Then he participated in 2007 Celebrity Island. Recently, in 2020, she returned to Al-Rai as a reporter for the program Life live summer.


But who are the peers of the actress? In the world of cinema there he knows, but above all, the great sadistic artists are those born in 1933. Our thoughts go above all to two true geniuses of Italian music and song like Dalida and Sergio Indrigo. Then there’s also a true cinematic giant like Thomas Milian Known to viewers as Inspector Nico Giraldi.

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