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Big success in Rome for Technottown’s Creative Science Center – ConfineLive

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Rome – The proposed activities continue at Villa Torlonia From TechnottownL’Creative Science Hub FromDepartment of School, Training and Work at Roma Capitalwith organization and scientific care Zètema Culture Project.

A real creative factory in which girls and boys starting from the teenage years and with a A special entry ticket worth 1 euroAnd the They can discover and express their potential, engage with the world of research and innovation and experience opportunities to meet, compare and collaborate.

With the support of Temple teachers, young users can actually participate Courses, meetings, talks and creative workshops.

Among the proposals for the week of talks: electronic pillsdedicated to electronic music, Recycle, Think, Createfor the conscious and sustainable use of the 3D printer, Casting and resins in Villa Torlonia and photography-related activities such as Alternative Photographic Printing Techniques: Cyan Pattern and Counter PatternAnd the Selfie in the studio.

Participation in creative factory You can contribute to the co-creation of materials and contents. Factories scheduled for the weekend: Small Recycling Luthierto manufacture acoustic musical instruments from recycled materials; sonic workshopfor the construction of electro-acoustic machines. Sneak Peek 3D Makerto work and create a 3D printer; resin and laser moldsto make things out of resin.

With an entry ticket, you can also access podcast houselocated on the third floor, to discover the world of digital audio content and learn how to create podcasts by telling stories, ideas and cultures.

you can too Visit the exhibition A tour of the old memoryedited by Gabriel CatanzaroThe structure’s scientific director, located in the ground floor and first floor exhibition spaces. A journey from human memory to that of machines, between ancient technologies and self-creations, to discover a way of observing, representing and telling the world around us. In the showcases, in addition to old technological items, there are copies of: calculators, cameras, space probes, fossils and much more, which were built by renovating objects such as old wine boxes, antique furniture drawers, gift paper, old vinyl, With the aim of creative recycling and circular economy. The windows are also animated, via a QR code, by small audio files that introduce storytelling themes and objects on display. Visitors themselves can contribute to the narration by letting their story or memory relate to what is unfolded.

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the program:

Friday 23 September:

• 10.30: Molds, Resins and Lasercutting

• 11.00: Talk: Recycle, Think, Create

• 12.00: alternative photographic printing techniques: anti-pattern

• 15.30: Alternative Photo Printing Techniques: Cyanotype

• 16.00: 3D Maker

• 17.00: molds and resin at Villa Torlonia

Saturday 24 September:

• 10.30: Luthier Small Recycling

• 11.30: electronic pills

• 15.30: Alternative Photo Printing Techniques: Cyanotype

• 17.00: Selfie in the studio

• 17.30: Sonica’s workshop

Sunday 25 September:

• 10.30: Luthier Small Recycling

• 11.30: electronic pills

• 15.30: Alternative Photo Printing Techniques: Cyanotype

• 17.00: Selfie in the studio

• 17.30: Sonica’s workshop


Creative Science Center in Rome

Via Lazzaro Spallanzani 1/A (Villa Torlonia)

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