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Mastiff wins at home against Bergen

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Well deserved and wanted and won the victory Beautiful game show by Mastini Varese. Attendees at the celebration are all happy. The 4A 2 The finale is an exclamation point in a vibrant, beautiful and well-performed game of tunes, despite some extreme tension at the end of the second Kaaba.

With P. Borghi and Gasparini in the pits, the mastiff descends on the ice realizing their desire to do well and showing it from the start. Varese also dominates the preliminary period regionally thanks to six straight minutes played in an outnumbered game which nonetheless produces only two conclusions. In the 11th minute, the advantage of the owners of the land comes Thanks to a clever opener from Em Borghi serving Bertin, who wrapped up the first intent towards the opposing goalkeeper, collecting the rebound and putting it into the goal. He deserves preference for the home team, which plays well until two minutes from the end of the first half. Mocellin’s raid is decisive for guest tie, which happens with the sack puck on the opposite column from the corner, to the left of Muraro. Only 33 seconds pass and from a puck disk that Berosso loses in an attack comes the Linksys counterattack. Foltin’s accurate mid-range track passes Muraro on his right.

in a the other half Pergine’s start is decisive and decisive, but apart from the exciting pole that Mocellin hit, Muraro doesn’t take much risk. It is a Varese to create a good game and raise the center of gravity. There are many interesting situations under the cage and the most tempting is what is personified by M.Mazzacane, well prepared by M. Borghi: the charm of yellow and black No. 23 and touch of 27 that beats in the net of the first intent. The match continues at a good pace but at the end of the period the morale is high. The biggest expense is Pergine putting other players in the penalty area, and Pace ends up in the locker room prematurely. On this occasion, the Galloneri will get 5 minutes of Numerical Excellence which is the Kality who breaks the balance and achieves the advantage goal.

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The the third time He is lively and calmer on a disciplinary level. Pergine depresses the accelerator in the first moments, but the Mastiff withstands the impact and creates more chances than opponents. Very good R. Rigoni for thwarting some difficult situations created in front of goal. Gillonieri are very present, both physically and mentally and give very little. Muraro risks little or nothing, if not in the end. The end goal reaches an empty net and the merit goes to M. Mazzacane who hangs a blue disc and flies unobstructed towards the opponent’s cage and places the disc in the door to the cheers of the audience present.

Mastini Varese – Two Towers Sabines 42 (1: 2 2:0 1:0)

11’36” (MV) Bertin (M. Borghi), 18’05” (P) Mocellin (Valorz, F. Rigoni), 18’38” (P) Foltin, 27’23” (MV) M. Mazzacane ( M. Borghi), 37’00” (MV) De Biasio (Tilaro) PP1, 49’22” (MV) M.Mazzacane EN.

Bergen: 1 R. Rigoni (66 Giovannini), 6 Bitetto, 7 Reffo, 21 Stablum, 24 Al. Ambrosi, 35 Chizzola, 44 F. Rigoni, 73 Gabri, 8 An. Menegini, 10 Piva, 17 Andreotti, 22 Valorz, 33 Pace, 54 Conci, 71 Mocellin, 77 Foltin, 91 Viliotti. Coach: That. Ambrosi

Mastini Varese: 30 Muraro (90 Mordenti), 3 Schina, Della Torre, 9 A. Bertin, 22 E. Mazzacane, 37 Belloni, 44 De Biasio, 15 Caletti, 16 Vanetti, 23 M. Borghi, 27 M. Mazzacane, 29 Cordin, 31 Raised, 34 Salvai, 55 Piroso, 68 Gay, 74 Tilaro. Coach: Tom Paraso

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