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Capcom comments on the leak on the full list of characters –

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Street Fighter 6 It was introduced in State of Play these days and the first shows are already out a leak In the game, including what appears to be a file Full list of characters that Capcom also issued a comment Which seems to confirm the authenticity of the document.

“As residents of Metro City, we’ve all seen things we weren’t meant to, but we all love it. We appreciate the positive feedback, thanks for the support!” The message is a bit weird and ridiculous, but it really does look Emphasizes The material leaked online these days is actually from Street Fighter 6.

The leaks not only covered what appears to be the full list of the initial 22 characters, at least in terms of artwork, but also other items such as the short Excerpt playing with Cammy The protagonist, who appeared online from various sources after the first initial cancellation.

So these documents seem to have grounds for reality, given Capcom’s official reaction to them. During State of Play, we saw the first official trailer for Street Fighter 6, and in the following hours, we saw various information about new modes, features, and commentary in real time.

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