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Football Category Two: Cassoli loses the game and priority and Gambolo returns to victory

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Sunday was largely negative for the Lomelline teams, and he is fifth in Group Two of Category Two. First of all, the first defeat of the season must be scored Casulesoutperformed at home Zibido S. Giacomo The daring match ended 3-4. During the first half, the visitors dominated the match and advanced with three goals. In the second half, Sidonio scored a double and shortened the score, but the Giallorossi scored the fourth goal with Ko in the final, scoring Scalesi with a free kick, but that was not enough to avoid the first defeat of the season and the match. Loss of the lead in the standings in favor of the player.

drawing from Superga at home against George Street 0-0 at the end of the match in total balance between the two teams. For Mr Castellazzi, the good news is the return of Giorgis, who has served four days of disqualification. Among the few positive notes of the day, Back to Triumph Jambuluwhich is charged for 1-2 days Casarelli. Three very important points for the hosts, who opened the match in the tenth minute by heading Infantino with a corner kick. In the second half, Skourti found an equal goal, but this is not enough, because after five minutes, still on a corner kick, Condello found the goal worthy of Gambolo’s victory.

The derby also ends without goals Lumilina And the Virtus Lumelina. The decisive penalty was missed by Khayat, which would have allowed the guests to move to the first positions in the standings where the station was. BucinascoFourth, thanks to today’s 2-1 win against Virtus AppiatensThanks to the Careri and Plachesi networks. back to win Gropello San Giorgio which exceeds 2-0 days Mortara Temporarily exiting the hot spot in the standings: The goals of Trikani and Pederzani were decisive. Another defeat for graffilloneswhich was defeated 1-4 by blue arrow. The hosts, who are last in the standings, with only one point and it is the worst defense in the league. Finally, the Pro Ferrera Falls at home for 3-4 against NevadaReaching 5 points, at the bottom of the ranking.

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