April 23, 2024

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Google Pixel 6a disassembled in video – Very simple fixes

Google Pixel 6a disassembled in video – Very simple fixes

also for Google Pixel 6a, the newcomer Mountain View mid-range, it’s time Undergo the usual shredding process: As is increasingly the case, the first to arrive was the PBKReviews YouTube channel, with its analytical, dry and straightforward style. Unlike the most common method, which involves starting from the back cover of this smartphone It starts directly from the screen: Using a little hot air and a plastic tool, you should remove the adhesive that keeps it attached to the rest of the components. The procedure looks rather simple, also due to the lack of curved edges and the fact that the frame of the display itself is made of plastic, and therefore more flexible.

Once you get past the first obstacle, there are some interesting details to consider:

  • The inner screws are not all the same, so you have to be careful
  • It is very easy to remove the battery thanks to moderate use of adhesive covering only part of the surface and a practical and resistant plastic tab.
  • The motherboard is “C” shaped, and also includes what would normally be a secondary card with the charging port on the bottom.
  • The motherboard’s main chips are covered with copper foil and there’s heat conductive paste right on top of the Google Tensor SoC.
  • The back cover is also removable; As with the screen, simply use hot air to weaken the adhesive and then use a pickaxe or other thin plastic tool.

In general, the source sets a file Repairability score 7 out of 10. It is very easy to replace the screen and battery, but other components (such as the charging port) are soldered directly to the motherboard, so its failure means replacing the entire board.

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