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Canada: Pope and Native People

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In all of the Pope’s recent contacts with the world of Canada’s indigenous peoples (John Paul II in 1984 and 1987, and Benedict XVI in 2009) there is always the question of limitations and contradictions in the Church’s relationship with their heritage. Emerged.

The detailed and recent visit of their representatives (March 28 – April 1), however, is a significant step in the aftermath of the outbreak of corruption of tribal boys and girls in the hundreds of anonymous graves discovered since May 2021. Has been identified so far. From 1831 to 1996, near the 139 educational institutions, they collected one-sixth of the indigenous population of 150,000 men and women and provided “re-education.”

Tragedy rooted

Political organizations, which have repeatedly realized their wrongdoings against themselves, and civil society, which is mired in slander and bad conscience, have repeatedly called for the government to apologize to the churches that have run those institutions. Bishops up to the Pope.

Francis did not hesitate and acknowledged his wisdom first in his speech at the final meeting (before the 32 layers of the approved three shares – the Mestisos, the Inuits and the First Nations – presented 180 more guests). People, their bonds, generation and many other positive benefits: maintenance of territory, memory of ancestors, worship of the Creator, internal and external harmony, family feeling, language, culture and art traditions (see full discourse here).

“But your fruit-bearing tree suffered a tragedy, and these days you told me: Uprooting. The chain that provided knowledge and way of life, united with territory, was broken by colonialism, which, without respect, tore many of you out of the main context and tried to conform to another mentality. So your identity and your culture are hurt, many separated families, many young people are affected by this homosexual activity, supported by the idea that progress can be made through ideological colonialism, according to plans read on the table without respecting the lives of the people. “.

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It was a gigantic and devastating social engineering project that turned into a cultural genocide from which 70% of the religious institutions managed by the Catholic Church could not escape. “When European sovereignty came to our shores – Gerald Antoine commented – their so-called“ invention principles ”of international law were applied to our lands, denying that they were human.

“Education” is one of the many ways in which institutions can be forcibly integrated into what is considered a high civilization (and religion). The National Truth and Reconciliation Commission, which completed its mission in 2015, estimated the number of victims of violence against indigenous peoples at 3-6,000, but since the discovery of anonymous burials, the death toll among their younger generation has been estimated at 12-15,000.

The shock of the buried

As a result, the conscience of the indigenous people has changed, but so has the conscience of the Church and civil society. To this end, Parliament passed its own law United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous PeoplesInserting it into national law.

As far as the Church is concerned, the pope’s demands for forgiveness and apology must, above all, be made in the national territory. Here is the Pope’s answer:

“[i vostri racconti] They evoked two emotions in me: anger and shame. Anger is because it is unreasonable to accept evil, and even worse to indulge in evil, like the inevitable dynamics caused by the events of history. “And I’m ashamed … I feel the pain and humiliation that so many Catholics, especially those with educational responsibilities, have for their role in all that has offended you, your identity, your culture and your spiritual values. All of this is contrary to the gospel of Jesus. And the Pope adds:” I apologize for the disrespectful behavior of those members of the Catholic Church, and I want to say to you wholeheartedly: I’m so sorry. “

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Of the requests made by the three groups to the Pope, the other questions asked have not yet been fully answered. The papal bull, published by Pope Alexander VI in 1493, was abolished, leading to “doctrines of invention”.

The bishops’ repayment and the episcopal conference agreement are very immediate: an additional $ 30 million will be added to the $ 50 million already allocated. It is most likely in the archives of various religious denominations operating on Canadian soil.

Visits of delegates to Vatican Museums and, in particular, some findings from the Department of Ethnography Anima Mundi (From moccasins to belts, from the Armor of Peace to kayak boats) There was a vast knowledge of the inhabitants and a demand for a return to Canada in museums dedicated to Native people.

One who is humble and courageous

At the same time of the visit, Bro. Jones River. Ninety-one-year-old Mary Immaculate, who has worked with Indigenous peoples in Canada for more than thirty years (1960-1991), has been charged with child sexual abuse and is being held in a French nursing home today by a clergyman. Court since 1998.

The request was not answered because French law refuses to extradite its citizens. A new testimony against him occurred with the confession of Louisa Uttak, who was violated at the age of six. The pope was asked to take action in response to his actions by interested parties.

Vatican meetings are organized in the order of visits Advertising limit Bishops’ mutual gift exchange, complete with prayers, dances and music. The pope praised the bishops – about ten in attendance – for their courage and humility (“the humiliation of the church pays off”) underscoring the “healing and reconciliation” of the next pope’s visit and the nature of the anticipation expressed by the president. Conference, Mrs. Raymond Poison, “The renewed potential for the exchange of faith and the gospel” within the indigenous cultural tradition.

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