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A book takes us back to the discovery of Canada. Presentation at Santu Lussurgiu

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Sandhu Luzurkiu

Meeting with author Paolo Quattrocchi

At the heart of the book is the story of a distant and boundless country that Italians know only from its legends or from the stories of immigrants. Stories, Visions and Challenges of the Future Laboratory ” which will be presented to the public tomorrow, Wednesday, July 20, in Santulusurkiu, as part of the “Estate a Santulusurkiu” project promoted by the municipal administration.

Paolo Quattrocchi, author, lawyer at a well-established Romanian law firm, expert in the internationalization of companies and director of the “Italy – Canada” research center, will speak. He was accompanied by lawyer Piero Franceschi and journalist Vanna Fanu from Lingoristano.

A dialogue to retrace the different stages of Quatrocchi’s discovery of Canada, in which he also became a citizen: from youthful passion for a country so far away, to his adoption and acceptance of a place surprising for its uniqueness and diversity. From European models, it is considered an experiment, characterized by its incredible ability to include a civic, political and social laboratory.

But what emerges in Paolo Quattrocchi’s story is a unique picture of Canada, a little French and a little English, its complex history, its predecessors and its contemporary heroes.

Appointment at 7.00 pm at the public garden of Santhu Luzurkiu. Admission is free.

Tuesday, July 19, 2022

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