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Convincing Italy beat Colombia 6-1. Ghirardello leads the blue team – OA Sport

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Italy women’s hockey team wins and convinces by organizing Colombia With the result of the round 6-1 in the second half of 2022 World Championships in San Juan (Argentina), an exhibition this year held within World skate games. It was the Massimo Giudice girls, who had already appeared in good shape after the narrow defeat against the Angel Absolute control game authorsIn fact, he controlled far and wide distances from the first minute to the last minute.

A lightning start for the blue, very capable of finding 1-0 at 23:31 after a Excellent shot from distance, positioned by Girardellowhich is a kind of strategy that will turn into leitmotif. The match is likely to get worse after just five minutes of play, thanks to a blue card given to Tamiozzo, a factor that allows Colombia to make a free throw. Ingeniously neutralized by Karita Which, at 3:57 p.m., would nip a very dangerous initiative for Ramirez in the bud.

will be an introduction to Breaking the deadly tricolor. At 3:48 p.m. In fact the palace was in a secluded location Puts the ball in the net by signing 2-0, then precedes another goal from afar, this time signed by a particularly inspiring Girardillo. to me Then Tamiozzo thinks of pokerwhich made the Blues in absolute control of the match until the end of the first half, with coach Giudice trying to manage even his precious stone minutes.

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In the second half, the Italian monologue, with our daring girls, continues to weave good offensive plots without being able, however, to cross the mass of South America. After a few tries, it will still be Ghirardello to break the wall Put a triple on the record sheet The match is safe. The Colombians will actually appear in the blue zone just five minutes after the finish, shortening the distance with Zuluaga. Little attempt to get up He was immediately stopped by a huge acceleration from Capitana Pamela Lapolla Which, at 1:58, marked the 6-1 final.

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Tomorrow Wednesday 9 November The blue will face the difficulty of Germany In the third match of Group B, where it will be necessary to find another convincing victory such as the victory of the day. Remember that tonight the Germans will face Argentina, a disagreement with a thousand variables which is crucial to framing the situation in the group.

Photo: Marzia Catini

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