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Fiat sold only 79 vehicles in Canada in 2021

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The bad news is coming Fiat From Canada. The leading Italian carmaker has said in the last few hours that it has rarely been sold 79 vehicles In Canada in 2021. With this data Turin brand Is becoming a common brand with fewer records than ever before in the important North American automotive market.

Fiat will have only 79 vehicles in Canada in 2021

These 79 are represented by registered cars 65 less 228 percent of cars compared to 2020 Fiat They found buyers in Canada. Among other things, 55 of these 79 units are Fiat 124 Spiders, which are no longer manufactured or sold in that country. In short, they are the last inventory of North American distributors.

So basically 79 percent Fiat sales in Canada in 2021 will not be there until next year and will be marked by a car made by Mazda. Of the other 24 cars sold by the Italian house in that country were 18 cars 500X And the remaining 500 and 500L.

And in Canada from 2022 United States, Fiat 500X only sells. I do not understand what to do with this New 500 electricity Although no official decision has yet been made on the matter, perhaps it will come to North America.

Fiat: Leading Italian carmaker closes its 2021 record in Canada with just 79 records, which is unprecedented for the brand in the country.

However, keep in mind that things may change in the coming years. Actually number one on the Stollandis team Carlos Tavares, Last month denied rumors that Fiat would soon exit the North American market. Rather Towers He added that the future cars of Turin House will be fantastic and some of them will be particularly suitable for the North American market.

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This is the result of the Canadian market selling 1,638,398 vehicles in 2021, excluding Fiat only. 0.0048% Transactions. However, this is a much better situation than the one in the US where Fiat is only sold 2,374 units Equals 0.017% of all U.S. auto sales 2021.

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