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Digital terrestrial broadcasting and attention: Al Rai channel disappears?

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The transition to new digital technology continues gradually, including a series of intermediate stages

Digital Terrestrial (Adobe Photo)

The gradual path towards new digital terrestrial technology continues in Italy. The closer you get to the DVB-T2intermediate stages are underway which include displacement Channels, more or less frequent combinations, farewell to digital channels, changes in aperture in numbering.

It is an inevitable path because it is imperative that publishing companies have time to decide on which publication and business strategy to adopt and then have to put into practice. Technical times Broadcasters need to find the best spots in this transition.

My number, a surprise for Rainews24

TV and remote control (Adobe Photo)

And so it happens that in this intermediate stage we no longer see the channels. In many Italian lands, for example, they can’t see anymore Rainews24, Objective Ray information channel. The reason can be found in Editing selection from Rai. As for Rainews24, in fact, as of January 3, 2022, it was decided to broadcast only in high quality, i.e. in HD quality, i.e. very accurate.

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To continue watching this channel, it is necessary to have an HDTV or decoder installed HD. In the second case, it is advisable to make a comprehensive selection and buy one untie which also enables television to make the ultimate transition to new technology in order to create ultimate expenses. there opinion It also made a regional calendar known so that the citizens could take advantage and prepare for the inconvenience. The calendar is as follows:

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