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Called police to report assault on ex-husband, mother of two, killed by officer, 27 years old

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She called the police for help and reported domestic violence, but was killed at the age of 27 by a bullet fired by a Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputy. Details of the dramatic event, which took place last December 4 in Lancaster, are still shrouded in mystery as police chose not to publish videos recorded by the cameras of the officers who intervened.

The police arrive

The victim, identified as Niani Finlayson and a mother of two, was found injured when police arrived at the scene in response to her emergency call. The woman was apparently beaten by her ex-boyfriend in front of their daughter. According to Nyane and her family’s lawyer, the young woman begged the officers to remove the man who abused her. However, the official police version claims that Niani threatened her ex-husband with a knife, a circumstance that prompted Deputy Sheriff Ty Shelton to shoot her. A version of events strongly disputed by the victim’s family.

the previous

The medical examiner concluded that Niani Finlayson’s death was caused by “multiple gunshot wounds.” A recent domestic violence case that ended in tragedy raises questions about the conduct of Sheriff’s Deputy Ty Shelton, who was already involved in a similar incident in June 2020. On that occasion, Shelton shot and killed a 61-year-old man named Michael. Thomas during a domestic violence intervention.

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