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Campomaggio already welcomes Fere painting: Bandecchi’s painting

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As part of the “Rosa d’oro”, honoring the rossoverde patron. Archbishop Monsignor Sodou was also present

Stefano Bandicci, On this occasion, he was not present, as was the press official Lorenzo Modestino and Costanza VaroneBut that which happened Thursday evening in the Parish of the Immaculate Conception in Campomaggio was actually Ternana’s first official release in what will be one of her homes as of July 1.

In fact, near the parish there are two fields of Junior Campomaggio Collescipoli managed by Ternana which will be the venue for the pre-season meeting and afterwards for some training sessions. And so the painting was handed over to the new citizen of Terni Bandicchi On the occasion of the award “Golden Rose”, It is traditionally organized Aurora Eat Club For the Festa delle Rose, the Red and Green team was welcomed by the local community and its sponsors.

To present the award to the Mayor of Terni leonardo latin With the president of the Aurora Eatery Club Luciano Grassi.

Next season La Ternana calcio will use the Polisportiva Campomaggio field, near the Parish of Immaculate Conception and will make an investment to renovate the field and changing rooms. It’s good that Ternana calcio also deals with facts like these – The mayor commented Latin It is important to have these synergies. In the meantime, Ternana Calcio has signed a renewal of the Liberati Stadium agreement to 2024 and let’s run our fingers through the stadium and clinic project.“.

Also president of the Aurora Eatery Club and parish priest Don Paolo Carloni She expressed words of praise for football ternana. “We should show many beautiful gestures to President PandikI – Don Paolo explained – Many things are unknown, but they also have a project to send children who cannot afford it on vacation. These are very important initiatives that show great interest in the territory.”

Also on stage are the Bishops of the Diocese of Terni of Narni and Amelia Monsignor. Francesco Antonio Sudo.I recently had President Bandecchi and we talked about many initiatives also on a humanitarian level – Bishop commented – like Terni at heart. It’s good to know that the head of a soccer team and his staff have this sensitivity. In addition, next year, Ternana will also play against my city team, or Cagliari, and it will be a derby for me, but I encourage Ternana.”.

Also on stage to honor Ternana Maurizio Torchio Daily Ackle and Giovanni Giorgi who have taken care for years to keep the soil in perfect condition Free yourselfHe is also a member of the Acli Aurora Club.

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