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Canada holidays in dark green

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Canada is the northernmost state of the United States and represents its coldest, greenest and most scenic continuum with a direct view of the North Pole.

Canada is a triumph of nature: boundless expanses of green, covered in the most white snow released by arctic disturbances in the cold seasons, and red, orange and yellow with the fall of the leaves in autumn. Not to mention Niagara Falls, bears, many lakes and its rocky mountains. Organized trips Durishanda They may be the solution to finding a path to follow in the world’s second largest country, but you can do it too. We will try to give you some indications.

A Short History of Canada

Until 1000 AD, Canada was a land populated by what are now defined as aboriginal people, and 40,000 years ago it was an Asian people who passed through the Bering Strait. They began to settle in what is now North America. For centuries England and France fought over the Canadian territories, and both cultures are alive in the community to this day (English and French are commonly spoken, although the latter language prevails in some regions). An issue that still creates social conflict today is the treatment of indigenous peoples who were victimized, killed, or forcibly assimilated at the expense of their particular culture.

What to see in Canada?

Canada offers huge metropolises, with all kinds of services and shops, neighborhoods to explore, parks and walks to get lost in. But above all it is a luxurious and wild nature, providing a titanic strength. Let’s have a look at the main places.

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Probably the most famous city in Canada, the “capital” of many. Stretching along the shores of Lake Ontario, the entire province takes its name, making it a capital of commerce and affairs. Visitors can easily visit the Canadian side of Niagara Falls. A vibrant and multi-ethnic metropolis (90 different languages ​​are spoken), it changes shape and meaning from neighborhood to neighborhood.


It is the largest city in Quebec and is surpassed only by Paris as a French-speaking city in the world. It embodies two of Canada’s corporate cultures in an original blend of tradition and modernity. It is called the “twin city”, above and below, inside and outside. In the summer it is worthwhile to rent a bike and explore the great outdoors. In winter, when the temperature drops to -25, it is best to take shelter in the 30 kilometers of underground tunnels, where you can walk and shop in a warm and safe environment.

Niagara Falls

They are divided between Canada and the neighboring United States, but are a state in their own right. Niagara Falls, on the river of the same name, is perhaps the most famous in the world, and is independent from being part of either of the two states. During the day, the reflection of the sunlight creates spectacular rainbows in front of the 52 meter plunge of the water wall, and at night with the lights set up to illuminate them, the sight will make even the least romantic heart swoon. No wonder so many choose this place as their wedding venue.

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