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“Cut off the masks at school.” periodic pressure. Hope: Science decides –

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from Adriana Logrosino

Speaking of the “unnecessarily punitive” rule, Undersecretary Sasso suggests mediation: Protection is only necessary when you get up from the table. The decree is valid until the end of the school year

Too hot for a mask in class. “The obligation must be cancelled“. Giovanni Totti waves the flag first and, as head of Liguria, intends to bring the situation to the table of confrontation between the state and the regions. The Secretary of the League, Matteo Salvini, who has always been hostile to the strict line in the fight against Covid, adds to the dose: “Let’s change the needless punitive ruleFrom the Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza, a point of order arrived: “It is not assessments that are entrusted with politics, but science that decides.”

The commitment is valid, based on the latest decree-law to be transferredAnd Until the end of the school year. The controversy arose due to the dual circumstance of the arrival of high temperatures and the abolition of restrictions in many other countries. In France, since yesterday, the obligation to wear masks on public transport has fallen. Across Europe, since yesterday, it is no longer necessary to protect yourself on the plane and at the airport. On the other hand, Italy chose caution. Indeed, on planes arriving from abroad, the obligation to wear a mask continues. Just as it still applies to public transportation in general, in theaters and cinemas, and in fact, At school.

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An option in line with the government’s anti-virus strategy and hope in particular (he made yesterday the subject of two different undivided disputes). But what excites Periodic clashes also on the political ground. “More than thirty degrees, it is obligatory to wear a muzzle for hours, even if I sit at the counter? It doesn’t make sense,” is Salvini’s quiet outburst on social media.

Totti argued this way: “How would the students dress in class?even while they’re sitting far apart at desks, and then they can walk around without the malls indoors, at shopping time? At least in the last month of lessons, we abolished the obligation to wear a mask at school“. Commitment defined a form of “cruelty to students” by the network of the school in existence.

Northern League Undersecretary for Education, Rossano Sasso, shares Totti’s appeal: notes that heat and bearish positive data will make the time for a commitment review: “It can only be limited to the moment you get up from the office, enter and leave schoolOn occasions when infection is more likely. The final decision rests with Secretary Speranza, who I hope will be more in line with the real country.”

The minister, however, on the sidelines of an event in Genoa, reiterated the principle Constant since the beginning of the epidemic: “Science decides, not politicsAnd science continues to call for caution, urging us to also look to New York, where we are about to regain our high alert level (which is no longer average). And prepare for fall with new peaks of inflammation. In the meantime, the continuous improvement of the indicators continues: the positives were: Yesterday 13,668, not few in 5 months. Positivity rate also decreased (13%). Again more than 100 deaths: 102.

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