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Free games on PS5 and PS4 in September 2022 available starting today –

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According to tradition, today being the first Tuesday of the month, Free games for PS5 and PS4 From PlayStation Plus for September 2022 For subscribers to the service, who will subsequently be able to retrieve it and add it to their library starting from these hours.

So we recall the list of free games for PS5 and PS4 available as of today, Tuesday, September 6, 2022, for PlayStation subscribers. Plus Essential, Extra and Premium:

  • Need for Speed ​​Heat – PlayStation 4
  • TOEM – PS5
  • Granblue Fantasy Versus – PS4

All three titles can be downloaded by anyone who subscribes to any of the three levels of PlayStation Plus, considering that Extra and Premium subscribers will also have access to additional games starting September 20, as announced in recent days.

Stay with those who are available from today, we remind you of that Need for Speed ​​Heat It is the final chapter of the popular Electronic Arts racing series, which was released in 2019 which should be followed by a new game arriving in the coming months but it has not been announced yet.

Need for Speed ​​Heat, screenshot

Need for Speed ​​Heat takes place on the streets of Palm City, a Miami-inspired city that lives a double life: during the day it hosts the races of an official sporting event, while at night you are the champion of extreme underground racing. According to the lore of the series, even then we find ourselves having to compete in both worlds and try to escape from the police. To learn more, we refer you to our review of Need for Speed ​​Heat.

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TOEM Something We Made is a special black-and-white and hand-drawn adventure starring a young photographer who aims to immortalize a mountaintop. So in the game we follow this character’s journey around Scandinavia, represented as a strange world halfway between the modern and the wonderful.

TOEM, the graphic style designated in the picture
TOEM, the graphic style designated in the picture

The gameplay is adventurous, all the puzzles are based on the use of the camera and interaction with strange characters, gradually trying to get closer and closer to the finish line. Definitely an interesting title, as mentioned in our TOEM review.

In the end, Granblue Fantasy vs. It is a 2D fighting game made by the studio specializing in the genre, Arc System Works. It is a reinterpretation of the fantasy universe of Grandblue Fantasy that takes role-playing game characters and proposes them in the form of fighters, each with their own fighting styles, in the context of one-on-one encounters.

The complex combat system and attractiveness of the characters make it a title to try, as also mentioned in our review of Granblue Fantasy Versus.

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