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Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine barely protects after two months

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Johnson & Johnson’s ‘Covid’ Vaccine After Two Months Doesn’t Actually Protect Anything. This is something that should surprise us all. This vaccination began when Johnson & Johnson was aware of the limitations of the vaccine. These are the professor’s words Andrea Crisanti Piazzoletta. “It’s an exciting thing,” says Corrado Formigli.

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“The Food and Drug Administration in America quickly corrected the approval requirements by imposing the second dose. We started vaccination while Johnson & Johnson was aware of the limited duration of the limited vaccination period. Why? Executives should be asked,” Crisanti adds. .

“The Italian situation at the moment is better than in England because we vaccinated later. We have a delay of about 4 months. In England, most people were vaccinated between March and April. In Italy, between April and July,” Crisanti says. “Vaccination protection lasts about 6 months, that’s not an opinion: Studies of 4.5 million people have shown that after 6 months the protection decreases from 95% to 40% and in the same period against complications the protection decreases from 90% to 65%. The green lane must be aligned with vaccine protection, but this means that within 3 months only those who have taken the third dose can get the green lane. If we are to re-establish the level of protection for the elderly and the frail, they should take the third dose as soon as possible.”

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