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CalcioC, Cesena vs Ancona 0-1 (Live Life Again)

CalcioC, Cesena vs Ancona 0-1 (Live Life Again)

Ancona Cesena 0-1

Ancona (4-3-3): Peroccini; Missoni, Mondonico, De Santis, Martina; Simonetti, Gatto (45° Mattioli), Paolucci; Di Massimo (39′ Lombardi Street), Melchiorri (1′ st Spagnoli), Petrella (27′ St Moretti). On the bench: 12 Vitali, 93 Peri, 6 Camigliano, 28 Bruni, 76 Fantoni, 27 Pique, 70 Barnabas, 99 Basso, 26 Rouen.
Coach: Gianluca Colavito

cecina (3-4-1-2): plump; Ciofi, Prestia, Silvestri; Adamo (24 st Albertini), Brambilla (44′ st Bianchi), De Rose, Mercadante; Bombo (1 saber class); Corazza (44 st Udoh), S. Shpendi (30 ′ st C. Shpendi). On the bench: 22 Gallasi, Luis 44, Cilento 14, Calderoni 27, Francesconi 88, Chiarello 10. Coach: Domenico Toscano.

Referee: Emmanuel Beza.

Network: 33 Corazza Street.

Warning: Silvestri, Simonetti, Gatto, Di Massimo, Paolucci.

Notes: 4,818 spectators (740 from Cesena). Corners 1-6.

49 ′ Cesena beats Ancona 0-1!

49 st Last chance for Ancona with a goal in the far goal of Moretti. Prestia’s tackle that Mondonico expected was decisive, for the referee it was a goal kick. These are the end credits for Ancona Cesena

48th Street Disorganized tackles by Bianchi and Polucci also booked the newcomer

45 st While the four minutes of extra time were awarded, Paolucci was booked

45 st Latest changes. In Cesena inside Udoh and Bianchi for Corazza and Brambilla. In Ancona, Mattioli replaced Gatto

42 st Free kick from 25 meters to Brambilla, who tries to go straight into the goal. The unbalanced shot does not scare Ancona, who can organize the last attack

39′ st Lombardy in Di Massimo, wing change for Colavito

Street 38 Simonetti arrived late in the second minute and the ball splashed high over Tozo’s crossbar

37′ st Another Cesena corner which, however, does not put Ancona in difficulty. However, Romagnoli are masters of the field, they can manage speed and defend the advantage

33 ′ st A quick counter-attack from Cesena finds Christian Schpende on the right. The class of 2003 puts in a delicious low cross that puts Peruccini and Mondonico out of the way to reach Corazza at the far post who could only repeat the goal by finding his 17th league goal.

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33 ′ Chisina at an advantage!

30′ st A deep ball by S. Shpendi who wins the goal puts a cross in the middle, easy prey for the Ancona defense. Then he gets out and makes way for his Christian twin

27′ st Inside Moretti for Petrella, a few minutes ago a change also in Cesena who introduced Albertini for Adamo

25 st Cesena corner kick. Brambilla’s serve finds Silvestri’s header who, however, did not hit enough, with the ball lifted and ended up over the crossbar.

23 st Bad shot by Petrella who doesn’t spin properly, and kicks the ball straight into the corner

20 st It is easy to capture the head of Shpendi by Perucchini, however, the head from the center of the region is not so easy

18 st Petrella serves Simonetti, Ancona midfielder’s shot smothered and easy prey for Tozo

16′ st Di Massimo booked for a foul on Schpendi from behind

14 ′ st Shabindi butted his head who calls Perucchini into the show to raise the track and puts into a corner. The game is beautiful, only the goal is missing

12′ st There is no moment of rest. This time the decisive play belongs to Ciofi who expects Di Massimo to be ready to score from a serve by Petrella

11 ′ st The game is beautiful, Adamo responds, who put aside the counterattack resulting from the theft of Shependi

10′ st Petrella on the right has the chance to make the lead into the net, but the ball ends up just over the bar after triangulating again between the hosts’ forwards.

9 st Spendi does not reach Mercate’s cross and Perucchini catches the ball

7′ st Ancona talks about his trident, but Spagnoli calls a good chance from the edge of the area

5 st Corazza swerves right and ends not far from the front door. Cesena corner kick

4′st A few balls lost by Adamo at the beginning of the second half did not allow Cesena to move forward profitably

1st The second half begins. The first ball was touched by Cesena, but after 25 seconds it was Ancona who made themselves dangerous with a long-range shot from Petrella two meters from the right of Tozo’s goal.

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Before the start of the second half, one change for each side. Spagnoli enters Ancona for Melchiorri, Saber enters Cesena for Bumbu.

An interesting first half, with many chances from both sides, but it ended goalless. After an initial phase of studying, the teams faced each other head-on, but without ever finding the target. It will be interesting to understand who joins Ancona in place of the injured Melchiorri for the final first half

47 st No news, the teams are in the locker room for halftime 0-0

45 points Two minutes of recovery

44 points A very bad setback on Melchiorri’s elbow that he can’t go on. Colavito decided to wait until halftime to change it up. Ancona at 10

42 points A goal devoured by Shependi who sprints alone on the edge of a small area, sending the ball wide

40 points Cesena had difficulty creating plays in the lineup’s defence, with Ancona defending without concern

36 points Little reporting in the last few minutes, a team that lacks accuracy in the last few meters

32 points A chance for Mercadante, who hits the cross high into Brambilla’s far post. However, his position was erratic

30 points The first half slips away, and after the first few minutes of studying it definitely gets more energetic and energetic

27 points Corner kick won by Melchiorri. Pattern leads Petrella to a retaliation shot, which is then freed by the Black and White defense

24 points Simonetti falls in the area due to friction with Silvestri and the referee does not suspect him and warns him for the simulation.

22 points Melchiorri shot from the edge, and the ball is below Tozzo does not worry

20 points Two corners from the right for Cesena, the ball at the near post and Ancona, who managed to get back with difficulty

18 points Shot from long range by De Rose, the ball is controlled wide by Berocchini anyway

17 points Di Massimo gobbles up the advantage. The rebound gives him a penalty on the right, he chokes a lot and the ball goes wide

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15 points Great opportunity for Cesena. After developing a free kick, the scrum flares up in the Ancona area, calling Corazza Perucchini’s header in for a wonderful save. Then the Shpendi overhead kick goes off at the bottom

14 points Yellow for Gatto who slides straight into Bumbu. The Marches captain has been warned and will miss the next game

11 points It’s like Massimo letting his right-footed shot hiss against the crossbar and fly off behind

10 points Silvestri fouls Di Massimo on the edge of the area, first yellow card of the match and free kick from a very dangerous position.

9 ′ point The free kick from three quarters by Brambilla, the ball was saved by the Ancona defense without problems

6′ pt A prolonged study stage, low tempos and few solutions on either side

3′ point Cesena, who puts pressure on the midfield, and Ancona, who tries to prepare attacking work in a more logical way.

1 ′ point The match begins, the first ball played by Ancona

The teams are on the field, a few moments and the match begins. A nice look at the fans before kick-off

Teams complete a warm-up phase, and teams will take the field within a few minutes. The kick-off is set at 20.30.

At 20.30 the tournament in Ancona is postponed. The delay was preceded shortly before 7:30 p.m. by an attempt to contact the squabbling fans outside Del Conero’s stadium. As many as 735 fans hail from Cesena, in the Marche region.

As for the game, Toscano confirmed the line-up that beat Entella while Colavito restored Mondonico to his fullest and placed him in central defense alongside De Santis. A very important match for the contenders: only with a victory Cesena will be able to keep the first place burning (but above all they will return to -2 from vice-captain Entella) while Ancona wants to win to regain fourth place, now occupied by Carrarese.