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hockey. The indigestible penalty kicks in Cortina, Klagenfurt pass to Olympique

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Once again indigestible penalty kicks at Cortina, who was defeated by Klagenfurt at Olimpico. Ampezzo’s team gets a point that allows them to defend second place in the standings, but they come off the ice with great regret over a tough, hard game that could have been won.

A few minutes later, Adami responded to Kramer’s goal, and nothing was left until the decisive penalty kick by Whiting. On an unusual Wednesday evening, coach De Bettin has to deal with De Filippo’s absence and thus deployed young Lancedelli to defend the cage. The coach also reversed the lines in regards to the latest editions, shooting Colli, Di Tomaso and the trio of Alverà, Traversa and Faloppa on the ice.

The evening doesn’t open in the best way for the landlords who despite the extra man are at a disadvantage after 2′. The powerplay is confirmed as a taboo for squirrels failing to break through, and Krammer reclaims the puck and with a harmless shot in front of the blue Lancedelli surprises.

The accepted goal shakes Cortina who is trying to get more dangerous in attack, and the game becomes frantic with constant setbacks up front.

Hafro tries with Saha who at the end of a good choral work touches the column to the right of Vorauer. Captain Adami thinks about it after 11 minutes to sign the toss, finalizing the best triangulation from Barnaby’s first shot and executed by Panseira who freed the captain a few steps away from goal. 1-1 even gets close to the home side who missed a great opportunity with Fallopa in the breakout final.

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In the second case, it is precisely equilibrium that prevails. The competition is strong and constant, with many duels especially on the boards but with few shots towards goalkeepers who are never questioned. The greatest danger is created by the biancocelesti initially with not catching a sly puck tovoli within a few meters of the target.

The text does not give any special surprises even in the third half. Havero is doing well outnumbered and little by little he is trying to put more pressure on Austria’s strong defence. 4′ From the end, a greedy opportunity presents itself to the Bianquistes with the power of playing to favour. The Ampezzo quintet starts bombarding Vorauer, but the Austrian goalkeeper drops the shutter and sends the match into overtime.

Even 5′ of extra time passes quickly, on penalties Klagenfurt goes out and manages to beat Lancedelli twice while Cuglietta and Barnab miss a penalty.

In Cortina, there is still a point and there is still a lot of regret not bringing a race that the stewards would have won with more attention.

On Saturday at 19.30, the calendar predicts the first leg of Kitzbühel.

Cortina Havero – Kitzbühel 1-2

Cortina Havero
: Lancedelli (Pumpanin); Colli, Di Tommaso, Michael Zanata, Laricher, Sid, Francesco Lasedelli, Podolsky, Constantini; Alverà, Traversa, Faloppa, Barnabò, Adami, Panciera, Saha, Cuglietta, De Zanna, Giacomo Lacedelli, Zardini Lacedelli, Toffoli.
Shepherd Giorgio de Petten.
Klagenfurt: Forware (cropionig); Classic, Unterloguer, Tavzilg, Gulisic, Sablatnig, Smolnikar, Washenig; Teresh, Samuel Whiting, Prudnik, Sonich, Michael Whiting, Classic, Lipic, Sevtar, Slevnik, Lahm, Kramer, Walder.
Furry Kirk flocks.
the reviewer: Polovik, Kumir (Jeram, Telesclave).
partial: 1-1, 0-0, 0-0, 0-0.
Networks: 2.22 Kramer (1-0), 11.08 Adami (1-1), 65.00 Samuel Whiting (1-2).
NB: about 120 spectators. Penalty kick 8′-10′.

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