Home sport Varese won again, defeated Brixen, and now we think of Dobbiaco

Varese won again, defeated Brixen, and now we think of Dobbiaco

Varese won again, defeated Brixen, and now we think of Dobbiaco

Year November 13, 2023

The Varese ice hockey team achieved another important victory over Bressanone. Despite the final score of 3 to 1. The game was balanced most of the timewith Bressanone holding out against Varese and even taking the lead before Varese returned.

The match was important for both teams. Varese was trying to maintain his high position in the standings, while Brixen was trying to recover the penalty points he had been exposed to.

In the first half, Varese dominated the match, but had difficulty registering. In the second half, after receiving an unexpected goal, Varese equalized and then advanced by two goals out of numerical superiority.

In the third half, Petronero’s goal gave Varese the advantage Reassured, allowing the team to control the rest of the match without any particular problems.

Now, Varese A week to prepare for the next match against Dobbiaco.


Hockey Varese HCMV: 2 Perla (31 Marinelli), 3 Schina, 5 Naslund, 7 Vanelli, 14 M Cordiano, 22 E.
Mazzacan, 69 Bertin, 13 T. Cordiano, 15 Tellaro, 23 m. Burgi, 27 AD. Mazagan, 32b. Burgi, 42
Crivellari, 55 Peroso, 77 Petronero, 87 Perino, 91 Raimondi. Coach: Niklas Czarnecki.

Falcons Bressanone: 33 Oberhammer (76 Leitner), 3 Thom, 11 Magro, 16 Baumgartner, 77.
Pizzatta, 98 Nardone, 10 Monola, 17 Venturi, 19 Hoover, 21 Mazzarini, 22 Lanz, 26 Plate, 43
Bohlin, 55 Nicolai, 61 Sottsass, 64 Demetz, 66 Kruselberger, 93 Covelli. Coach: Alexander

HCM Hockey in Varese – Falcons Bressanone 3 – 1 (0:0 2:1 1:0)

Results sheet
27’42” (FB) Covelli (Maunola, Volyn) PP1, 35’22” (HCMV) Peruso (M. burgii) PP1, 38’48” (HCMV)
Naslund (China, Peroso) PP1, 42’32” (HCMV) Petronero (M. burgii)

Year November 13, 2023


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