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Arrests and expulsions: This is how Texas challenges Biden on immigration

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Republican Governor of Texas Greg Abbott It poses a new challenge to the Democratic administration led by the president Joe Biden. Abbott signed A Law Which would allow state police to arrest illegal immigrants who cross the border illegally, giving local courts the power to expel them from the country. Therefore, a constitutional clash is announced. In fact, the federal government typically has legislative and executive jurisdiction over related matters Immigration control. In this regard, the governor waged a fierce battle not only with the president but also with the “blue” cities and states run by representatives of the Democratic Party, transporting more than 65 thousand migrants by buses starting in August 2022.

The signing ceremony for this measure was broadcast on live feed From Brownsville, a town on the US-Mexico border that has become one of the flashpoints of the conflict Migration crisis It has been affecting the country for months and is at the heart of the campaign for next year’s presidential elections. “Biden’s deliberate inaction has destroyed America.” The governor announced that since the Democratic president took office, about eight million people have entered the United States illegally. Abbott also said Texas was left to its own devices “Give yourself to me”.

The law, called Sb4, is scheduled to come into effect in March after police arrest illegal immigrants Lone Star State Provides that detained illegal immigrants can decide whether to agree to a Texas judge’s order to leave U.S. territory or be tried for illegal entry with penalties ranging from six months to 20 years in prison for repeat offenses. In Texas, the governor’s initiative sparked controversy and fear among Hispanics, who represent 40% of its population, and one group identified it as Defending civil rights,l’American Civil Liberties Union (Aklo), as “One of the most extreme anti-immigration laws ever passed by any country.”.

Abbott continues to defend the constitutionality of SB4 and also signs another bill allocating $1.5 billion to continue construction of SB4 Border wall With Mexico. However, it is very likely that the newly adopted law will be challenged in courtrooms including supreme court. It is an outcome that will be part of the plans of the Republican governor, who aims to obtain a new ruling from the highest court. In 2012, Washington court justices were called to weigh in on a provision in Arizona asserting the federal government’s jurisdiction over the issue of immigration. Abbott therefore hopes that the new conservative majority on the court will be determined by appointments approved during his presidency Donald Trump It could establish the foundation for expanding the powers of individual states, and thus deal a strong blow to the policies of Biden, who is facing increasing difficulties in opinion polls and in his re-election campaign.

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