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“I made a movie.” Nervousness at home

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Seventh edition of Big Brother VIP She promised sparks, and less than a week later on the world, she was on time like a Swiss watch. who – which Elenoire Ferruzzi fascinated by Luca SalatinoNow, it’s a known thing. But his demeanor and constant references to a possible mutual interest made the former suitor and tronista of both men and women nervous. And in the most spied on house in Italy, one broke out angry fight.

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“He’s in love with me”

Not even a week after the start of the program reality show most popular in italy, Elenoire Ferruzzi This is certain. in your opinion, Luca Salatino He will be in love with her. Love was rejected in favor of the camera only because his current girlfriend was waiting for him outside the loft of Cinecittà Soraya Siruti. But the situation immediately deteriorated. In fact, the 30-year-old from Rome doesn’t accept the constant cues of a movie that Elenoire created in his head. Because the fact that Elenoire Ferruzzi is a trans person doesn’t give her the chance to crucify a boy who tried to be nice to her after 24 hours of dating.

They are Elenoire

to me Luca SalatinoActually, it doesn’t matter Elenoire Ferruzzi And the reasons are quite obvious: because he does not like it, because he is busy, but above all because you cannot get someone in less than a week. Someone who does not know. A real mental movie for Vippo who makes quite a few movies tensions inside the house.

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Luca Salatino He learns that Firuzi says that he has fallen in love with her. So, without many words, he wanted to confront her. «Everything you say I lived in your head, in fact does not exist! Are you saying you love people? But who do you love? to me? But do you think I tried with you? Are you all insane why I sang you a love song? what are you talking about? But what do you think I made you understand? But in your opinion, if I feel ashamed I will not joke with you! ‘ Luca told Eleanor.

Soon, the video of their furious fight went viral social. Everyone agrees with the previous tronista, but Firuzi is more than convinced of what he says and repeats: «But stop! I say what I think and you don’t have to break me! I say what I hear! You must tell everyone! Everyone understands that you love your girlfriend, you put stickers, and that’s enough! For two days you swear ** ni! Are you calling me an idiot? I watched the clip and felt ashamed as everyone does! How do they all do! You are like everyone else! You talk about respect but you did worse! I did not misrepresent anything! ”, confirms Elioner Firuzi, citing the clip that he broadcast Alfonso Signorini During the second episode of season seven.

Competitors amazed

Other competitors within Casa del Big Brother VIPas already explained Antonino Spinalbes Yesterday, they did not notice any special interest from Luca to Elinoir. Illinois’ comments were a bolt out of the blue for everyone. But Firuzi is convinced: «He is engaged, not me! He says he loves his girlfriend just to make it clear that there is nothing with me. Did I misrepresent anything with any man here, just with him? Who knows why”, referring to Luca’s apparent interest in him. Now all viewers are waiting for the developments of the first drama born within the walls of Cinecittà that promise more sparks.

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