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Roller Hockey Scandiano: Under 19 wins the Emilien Championship. Under 17 and Under 11 defeats

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Daniele Ufa’s U19 team beat 10-3 Pico della Mirandola and won the Emilien Championship unbeaten, qualifying directly to the U19 national finals organized by our club. The match calendar will be decided soon and against who will fight for the youth title, Team Rosoblu, on 9-10-11-12 June at PalaRegnani.
Modena lost two U-17 and U-11 defeats: U-17, ie Rosoblu U-15, defeated Modena 5-1 and tomorrow night they have their last match against Hockey Pico which will be decisive in the classification. The rossoblu is currently in second place but is under pressure from Pico and Scandianese who haven’t regained many matches yet. The Under 11 team finished in second place behind the undefeated Correggio. A really satisfying first season for the little kids that Katia Ferretti has trained.

Now only the Under-15 team is still suspended with the last game on Sunday in Pesaro, and is already confirmed from second place behind Correggio, while the Under 13 finished its championship with 9 points in 3 matches, and therefore unbeaten, pending the decisions of the Fifa. for not playing. matches.

Under 19 years old
Scandiano – Pico Mirandola = 10-3
Scandiano: Vacari M, Fifi, Stephanie (C), Fontanesi, Ufa A – Vacari D, Ganassi, Natalie – Ol. Offa D
Pico: Talassi, Malagoli (C), Pinotti, Canossa, De Stefano G – Mirto, Gavioli – All.
Scorers: 1t: 3’26” Fontanesi (rig) (S), 5’37” Fontanesi (S), 7’38” Fontanesi (S), 13’26” De Stefano (P), 18’37” Vaccari D (S), 18’51” Destefano (P) – 2t: 5’22” Fontanesi (S), 7’05” Vaccari (S), 9’02” Vaccari (S), 9’43” Fontanesi (S) , 10’20” Fontanesi (S), 10’44” Canossa (P), 17’25” Vaccari (S)

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Under 17 years old
Scandiano – Modena = 1-5
Scandiano: Rinaldi, Bossani, Depetri, Natalie (centre), Montecrusi – all. Offa D
Modena: Manzo, Vandelli (centre), Umbele, Malagoli I, Misura – Marinelli – all. Moncalieri
Scorers: 1t: 0’47” Depietri (tir.dir) (S), 2’47” Marinelli (M) – 2t: 1’20” Ombelli (M), 7’33” Marinelli (M), 8’44 “Ombelli (M), 11’27” Montecroci (M)

Under 11 years old
Scandiano – Corgio = 0-4
Scandiano: Albicini, Onviani, Valentini E, Valentini D (C), Lucetti – Dercia, Ruggi – Ol. verity
Correggio: Munari, Nizzoli, Bouslama, Pagliani (C), Mazzeranghi – Bishop, Sberveglieri – All. Zucchiatti
Scorers: 1t: 11’59” Bouslama (C) – 2t: 8’03” Mazzeranghi (C), 12’57” Pagliani (C), 14’44” Sbervegini (C)

In Alberto Bertolani’s photo, Adriano Vaccari’s time out with the Under 15/17

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