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Pope Francis travels to Canada with Ita Airways –

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The departure of the Holy Father with a group of 12 was scheduled for July 24. On departure, along with, the CEO greets Fabio Maria Lazzerini

The Pope will travel with him Ita Airways His next papal flight is scheduled for July 24 to Canada. Departs at 9 Rome FiumicinoDirection International Airport Edmonton, in Canada. A co-loving papacy Airbus A330 with new blue livery And starting from the first time Terminal 5
Leonardo da Vinci Airport Rome Fiumicino. The landing is scheduled for 11.20 local time. During the apostolic visit, Pope Francis will also reach Quebec after a stopover in Edmonton (departs from Edmonton airport on July 27 at 9 a.m. and arrives at 15.05). Finally, to round out the Canadian trip, Pope Francis will travel to Iqaluit, a flight that lasts more than three hours.

Greetings with

At Fiumicino Airport, he will be there to welcome the Pope Ita Airways CEO, Fabio Maria Lazzerini
. l’crew have 12 people: 3 pilots and 9 flight attendants. Commander Massimiliano Marcelli with 18,000 flight hours experience will oversee the on-board operations. Pope Francis will be accompanied by journalists from the Italian and international press, in addition to the papal entourage. Also on board is the Ita Airways team dedicated to special flights. For Ita Airways, this visit of the Holy Father is an honor and pride – says the airline note – a demonstration of recognition of the company’s values ​​that place sustainability at the center of its strategy as sacred. The father constantly recalls in his testimonies.

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