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Andreco Flumen at MAXXI presents science, art and sustainability

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mark World Water DayEstablished by the United Nations in 1992, the Museum maxi Rome opens its doors to reflect on one of the most current topics of our times. The so-called “blue gold” is an indispensable resource for man and the entire planet but today we find ourselves witnessing one of the most dangerous hydrogeological crises in history. Degenerate anthropos drain a planet of its sap and awareness of this dangerous condition remains essential, especially for future generations that will live on Earth.

The meeting sees the participation of Andrea Conte, aka Andreco, the father of the project Flomen – Climatic measures of parks and rivers in RomeWhich will reach its third edition in 2022 Laura PasatorCNR researcher H Theresa MacriArt critic. At the heart of the initiative FLUMEN There is a search for a new way of living with the natural ecosystem that we include as individuals and as a community. The river is the element that serves as a pillar, as a means of mitigating temperatures and an indispensable factor in the equilibrium of any ecological environmentbecause Andreco makes it an icon for that quest.

FLUMEN It arises from the need to operate in the territory, at the local level. I was interested in bringing results to the places where we work and that is why I chose to work to build a network of partners that would see the institutions, scientific representation, and activists working every day to protect the Tiber. – Andreco explains – Actions FLUMEN They are part of a choral project. The citizen who takes part in our excursions learns to sample and study biological clothing to understand its importance. This discourse is based on the concept of citizen sciencewhere the individual loses his passivity to find tools and act in an active and methodical manner.”

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The artist conducted surveys, surveys, participatory monitoring, data collection, research, agricultural interventions and of course performative procedures involving experts, citizens, families and children, exploring the state of Rome’s rivers in the capital, especially the regions of the Tiber, Aniene and Veio Park.

“I start with a number plus 1.5 degrees. This is the prediction of Earth’s temperatures by 2040. Why could such a small number be so influential? The answer is provided by the element water.” – CNR researcher Laura Passatore explains – the balance that ensures our planet is water Incredibly fundamental and the new scenarios that these climate changes will bring us is a topic that directly interests us. We need to think about readjustment and Andreco’s operations are thinking carefully about the need to imagine an alternative future for the entire human race.”

Andreco, green classroom

During the meeting, the unpublished video is shown Tiberinawho tells a file The procession of beginnings in TiberiasIt was directed by Andreco and produced by Romairouba FestivalIn cooperation with Opera House in RomeL’Santa Cecilia Academy And the Zetma.

The performance took place in January 2020, shortly before the start of the first wave of the pandemic. Within the performance captured by video, Andreco plays a multifaceted role. The artist himself takes part in the role of director and director of the show that takes place in the heart of the capital, as well as the inventor, which is a business. specific location. Presentation is a form of action that immediately sends our thoughts into action and helps us immerse ourselves in the participatory vision, founded in the research of the Roman artist. “This business for me is not entertainment, it is a petition, a dispute,” Andrico explains.

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«Within Andrico’s work, the discourse of repetition and difference returns. There is this form of secular liturgy that leads to the concept of the transhuman. In the video, we see the performers walking around with their faces covered in balaclavas, each individual losing recognition – explains art critic Teresa Macro – the contemporary show manifests itself in its beauty, creating sympathy between the city as a living body, represented by curious citizens and performers ».

“Tiberina has been one of the biggest productions in this rally tournament I’ve been doing for 15 years now. I wanted to do something about water, an element that has always been a part of my double life since I was an environmental engineer. – says the artist Andreiko – in this case I and the actors are the Tiber. We were the river that invades the city that overflows and invades Rome in a just and democratic way. But the river also produces a desperate cry. In fact, the film begins with a mass, a funeral rite.”

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