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Business Forum Italy-Canada: Sustainability, Ethics and AI

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During the ten days of the online event in November, experts from both countries put together table solutions and a sense of collaboration for a sustainable and technological future.

Globalization, Management of various markets and collaboration between public, private and business entities highlight the increasingly complex and explicit use of information.

There is a lot of talk about “big data” Specifies computer data that is too large, too fast, too complex, too hard, or too hard to process with traditional methods. Accessing and storing large amounts of information for analysis has been a long time coming.

The importance of big data It does not come around to their size, but depends on their use. For example, you can access data from any source, analyze it, and find answers that allow you to reduce costs, shorten deadlines, create new products, improve offers, and make better decisions. Big data on epidemics over the past two years has been important in understanding how SARS-CoV2 is evolving in the world and making predictions based on objective and reliable data. Along with these possibilities, there are many ethical and social challenges. These issues were at the center of the Italy-Canada Business Forum, which took place last November with a ten-day online event.

The need for cooperation is increasing Data sharing practices dictated by enormous challenges such as climate change and epidemics are increasingly necessary, often with different types of actors, coming from different content and markets, often processing and storing information in non-identical ways.

Current threats Cyber ​​security, cyber attacks compromise data and lead to cyber crimes such as information and identity theft. The material, which was unknown until a few decades ago, is very relevant and very interesting today.

For this reason, The size of the global cyber security market is expected to grow to $ 345.4 billion by 2026. In fact, increasing awareness of cyber threats could lead to increased investment in cyber security. Sustainability is one of the key roles of the forum. In fact, experts have noted one of the key issues: How to make the HPC (High Performance System) sector more stable, and is it one of the most powerful sectors today? Companies and researchers are already looking for solutions. The issue is one of the most important open challenges.

Artificial intelligence Can represent hope for a clean and stable planet. According to an in-depth study by the Boston Consulting Group, the use of artificial intelligence systems could reduce companies’ greenhouse gas emissions by 5% to 10% in ten years, generating $ 2.6 trillion. Including value, new revenue and cost savings. Italy and Canada want and need to work together so that these good intentions become a reality. Canada was the first country in the world to adopt an artificial intelligence strategy in 2017, so technology, sustainability and ethics can be the best partner to imagine and realize a future that represents a solid reality rather than just a good intention.

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