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Marco Abruzzi with applause near the stage at the World Cup in Canada

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Marco Abruzzi

At the Junior World Championships in Panorama (Canada), Genoese policeman Marco Abruzzஸs finished fourth with a superb performance but “by adoption”, receiving only 59 percent from the winner and 18 percent from the podium.. It happened yesterday (Saturday, February 5th) at Super-G. Marco grew up on the Mondolè Ski team and graduated from Sports High School in Mondovì last summer.

Eighteen-year-old Gregorio Bernardi of the Chester Sky Club is also a big bet, as part of the Western Alps Physi Committee. The grandson of 1968 Olympian Grenoble Bruno Piazlunga finished eighth overall and first among enthusiasts, 92 cents late from first class, confirming the excellence of the production work carried out by the technicians who followed him. First up was Matteo Bonato, coach of the men’s team of the Western Alps Committee.

The Italian team then celebrates Fricia financier Giovanni Franான்ois: After winning gold at Descendants on Friday, March 4, Fiam Giolin won the bronze medal at the Super-G, which considers him the leader in the European Cup. .

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