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Groundhog Day: what is it and why is it celebrated on February 2 (yes, the movie with Bill Murray is also about this)

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Since 1886, a crowd has gathered in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania, to watch the prediction of an elephant lemming: he decides how long winter will last

Punxsutawney is once again in turmoil this year. In the US city of Pennsylvania, everything is ready to celebrate hard day (in English Groundhog Day). Since 1886, every year on February 2, the hero of the day has been an elephant, a specimen of a male marmot, which according to legend is always the same from the origins of the tradition. The secret to his immortality is the groundhog, the animal taking a sip at the traditional picnic, whose properties allow it to regenerate for seven years at a time. Phil’s role is very simple: from his lair – Perhaps reluctantly – and, according to his reaction, we understand how long the winter will last. If an elephant appears on a sunny day and scares off its shadow by digging in, more can be expected Six weeks of the cold season. Conversely, if the morning is cloudy, the badger is likely to stay away from its refuge, anticipating that spring is a little closer.

Obviously, this is a common habit with no scientific basis, yet it is deeply felt in the United States. They are dedicated to this event also Location it’s a page Instagram Run by the Punxsutawney Groundhog Club Inner Circle, you can find pointers and tips for taking part in the party taking place the night between February 1st and 2nd at Gobbler’s Knob, the area where Phil’s lair is located and which will host a crowd of thousands. For example, it is severe Alcohol consumption is prohibitedIt is not recommended to bring small children and you should dress as if you were going skiing to protect yourself from the cold temperatures.

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The origins of tradition

The origins of Groundhog Day are older than Vail traditions and date back to the early 19th century. The credit goes to the Germanic peoples who migrated to the United States, bringing with them their own traditions associated with meteorology. The unscientific and popular version of meteorology, based on proverbs and reading natural events. Originally, these peoples used badgers or bears in Europe, while badgers were introduced only 137 years ago. Since then, legend has it, he has been living with his partner Phyllis, a female specimen.

The movie “Groundhog” with Bill Murray

“Stand up camp, camp and ring the bell!”. The 1993 film Groundhog with Bill Murray as journalist Phil Connors made the little rodent Phil famous. Sentimental and selfish, he is sent to Pennsylvania City to document the event of February 2nd. Connors hates everything he sees, and luckily he’ll get it May this hated day be repeated In a time loop that transcends all logic. Every morning, at 6 am, he gets up to start the day exactly like the day before. Soon the instinct for survival takes over and Connors decides to use circumstances to his advantage: he has fun, spends money and spends his time in the company of beautiful women. This type of spell ends when the protagonist understands how to better himself into a different, more compassionate person.

Candlemas in Europe

In Europe there is an equivalent of Groundhog Day: it is The so-called candles. With holy candles If it snows or if it’s winter we’re a party. But if it is sunny or sunny, it is always in the middle of winter. If it rains or snows, winter can be considered over, but if it is sunny, winter is still in the middle of the road. Also known as Candlemas, it is the day when the Church blesses candles to celebrate the Presentation of Jesus in the Temple. Candles fall forty days before Christmas, So forty days after giving birth to Mary who went with other women to purify herself in the temple. This rite is also linked to the succession of the seasons: in the Celtic liturgy it is called Imbolc and represents the transition from winter to spring with the return of light.

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