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The Insine Lands in Toronto, Canada are hailed as “wonderful”

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On the 24th. If not today, when? Lorenzo Insine He will begin his 2.0 career in Toronto tonight. MLS, however, is not only a forensic deal and a significantly different life, but an entire city already dreaming big is waiting for him.

Toronto said nothing else for several weeks. May be for months. This is because after the announcement made last January, the countdown has started which will be stopped only today. On the Canadian club’s website, in fact, a maxi clock that marks the time has stood out over the past few days: nothing has been missing since the arrival of Insine. Or rather, when Magnificent arrives, because in Toronto they already call it: “The Magnificence”. And it would not take long for Insane to understand this, as the city would be covered with posters with the words “Magnificent is coming” (wonderful is coming). In short, a truly incredible expectation for a team that hopes to rise again in the rankings with the contribution of the Neapolitan. Toronto did not perform well because it was below the level of going from third to fourth last without any particular luck. Here, he himself must change course. Coach Bob Bradley’s plans (Bradley’s father, who played with Sivo in Serie A for the 2011-12 season) will be the cornerstone of the Insane attack, and nineteen – year – old Jaden Nelson will hold the position he has held so far. Limited Canadian player with one goal and one assist this season.

The already thrilled Neapolitan colony at the idea of ​​meeting the new statue will also push Lorenzo. Look at the cave of the Assyrian fans in Toronto “Black catர Michael Ravel, originally from Avelino, but Canadian by birth. “We’ll always be here to watch fake matches. “Lorenzo will not only be the star of Toronto, but he’s raising the bar of the entire American Championship: we needed him so much. Counting a player with his characteristics was unimaginable. Excited, Carmine Foslibo is also a native of Naples, but has been a Canadian for generations now. In fact, along with his friends, he is already arranging a reception for Inzine at the airport and then at the stadium. ” They told us it would be a unique, extraordinary one. We can not wait. ”

Apparently there is no shortage of ideas from Michael and Carmine. “We are looking forward to his first goal with the shot to create a new full American slogan for him. Lorenzo has an important task to do because he wants to renew Toronto’s luck with his plays. Everyone expects a lot from him. T-shirts with the number 24 are not on sale yet, but. We’re sure they will be sold out soon.One thing is certain: in his first match, I will be wearing a Napoli track suit », a promise to Carmine, whose eyes are already shining.

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