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Stephen King Reveals The Only Movie That Forced Him Out Of The Hall: It Will Surprise You

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After saying goodbye to Pennywisean epic IT icon who will be the protagonist of a new prequel series in development for HBO Max, Stephen King appeared on social media to reveal a secret to his fansor the only movie title that forced him to leave the cinema early.

Contrary to what one might think, however, This is not a horror movie: In response to a Twitter post in which writer Linwood Barclay revealed that he had left the room he was showing in Jurassic World DominionAnd the Stephen King admitted that he only left the cinema once In his adult life: he did it in days transformers. As you can see in the two posts at the bottom of the article, the author has also given a more specific clarification regarding the movie in question, except for the 1986 animated film and speaking frankly. The first chapter of the live action epic directed by Michael Bay.

The strange thing is that the first film written by transformers It is highly respected by fans and considered the best of the series, so much so that it still has an audience rating of 85% on Rotten Tomatoes with over 250,000 reviews. On the critical side, the film has a rating of 58%.

Stephen King is famous for periodically sharing his opinions in movies and TV seriesWhether it’s new releases or iconic titles from the past. newly He did it with X from Ti West, arriving in Italy with Midnight Factory starting July 14. As for the transformersRemember, the next movie in the series monsters rise It arrives in theaters June 9, 2023 Directed by Stephen Capley, Jr.

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And have you ever left the theater for a movie that particularly rejected you? Tell us in the comments!

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