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Surprisingly, Vibe’s older brother, Manuel Bortozo, told Lulu: “I love you baby”

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The swimmer from Trieste fell in love with the young princess. For the Giffen, older brother Phip has turned into a fairy tale with a happy ending.

There are no more doubts now. Three months after the start of the TV adventure in big brother vip, between The love of Manuel Portuzzo and Lulu Selassie is finally born. The relationship between the two boys was a very turbulent one characterized by many ups and downs, but in the past few days, something has changed. Manuel and Lulu They find themselves closer than ever and today for the first time, They admitted that they love each other.

ManuelAnd Ready to leave Big Brother’s house Tomorrow he finally realized that he felt love for the young princess after a series of distances, closeness, and sometimes very harsh words.

“It took us a long time to really understand each other. But now we respect each other and are happy together. The best thing is that in spite of everything you are still here with me now. Perhaps if I had been closer to you in some moments of your weakness, I wouldn’t have broken down, So I’m sorry. If I were close to you, I don’t think these reactions would have been with Maria. […] Know that as soon as you get out, I will kidnap you. Well, at first I’ll leave you a little to friends and your family too, but then you’ll be mine to know, These are the words Manuel Reported by Biccy.

Borzozo Playing a piece of Ultimo dedicated to her lulu: “Keep this song in mind” he said to her. “No matter what happens to you, I always love you”, I announced Lulu and ManoHe said:I love you too baby“.

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