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Amateur football, double derby with Bobisi Gutico and Figolo Alsenezi. the games

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Now that they’ve broken the ice, the Piacenza teams at Calcio Delitante are ready to take the plunge on the new Sunday of matches, with kick-off at 3.30pm.

The Piccardo, in the Traversetolo test, summoned the illustrious Agazanizi of Mr. Piccinini, to continue flying on the wings of enthusiasm. Instead, Rossini’s Nibbiano & Valtidone must return to success in the home match with the same rating as Castelvetro, even bypassing the heavy splits of ineligible Vogliaza and bruised Castellana. In search of a first three-point blast, Mister Costa’s Castellana Fontana also bore inside the friendly walls against Rollo.

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There will be a double derby to mark the second round, starting with the scheduled round at Candia-Lucio Bianchi in Bobbio between the hosts and Gotico Garibaldina, two of the most credited players in the group. Redemption derives for two, instead, at “Puppo,” where Vigolo and Alsenese go searching for heavy points in the Key to Redemption. Meanwhile, the mighty Pontenurese will do his best to better dampen his home debut against a respected guest like Noceto, while CarpaChhero di Fossati will try to provide a nice follow-up to Tonnotto’s surprising and deserved success at Il Cervo’s den.

first category
The progression between Sporting Fiorenzola and Luganianese has already moved into the archives, and the second-round lineup includes two more derbies: In San Giorgio, the newly promoted Drago’s indoor baptism certainly isn’t all roses and flowers in the presence of more Quote Sarmatize, while in Vigolzone, where he was The Sansazarites on stage, the causes of interest in the challenge multiplied among the many exes on both sides. In “Curtoni”, however, the main match between the more popular Borgonovese and Fidenza, the rossoblù house will try to expand further on the burger. In search of a gentle appearance after the first high note placed in Sarmato also the PontGazzola Bridge, which receives a visit from the sparkling Viarolese Sissa di Binchi. The challenge intersects with Parma players and then continues into Sorrania’s feuds, as Spes plots to disguise himself as a pirate captain, one in the Zibello quoted arena, as opposed to FiorePallavicino with poisoned teeth, and again Fontanellato where Ziano will try to sell him for a hefty price.

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second class
Group A
Granano San Corrado
AC Libertas-GossolengoPittolo
The Neviano Bodenzano River
Rotofino San Giuseppe
San Lazaro Bobio 2012 Perino
San Nicol Bianles
Travis San Rocco
group b
Calcio Grobarello Court
Pro Vilanova Frauri
Salicetese-Fonta Calcio
San Leo Arquatice
Club Mezzani-Cadeo
Virtus San Lorenzo San Polo
Combi Salso San Secondo

third class
Volant Junction – BF Bitola Farini
Fulgor Fiorenzola-Virtus Piacenza
Gerbidosiba Pisorica
Bodenzanes Moretti Academy
Primogeneta-Alcino Calcio
San Polo San Filippo Neri
Vernasca Torres

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