Home sport By bringing the family together, adidas celebrates football as a shared experience

By bringing the family together, adidas celebrates football as a shared experience

By bringing the family together, adidas celebrates football as a shared experience

When we think of football, and the World Cup in particular, the first memory is inevitably linked to our feelings: the first matches we watch with parents and relatives, then meetings at friends’ homes, street parties after winning or sharing disappointment. in case of defeat. Here, the great strength of football and the World Cup lies precisely in the fact that they are shared and intersecting experiences, the chance to be with other people. Before the start of the Qatar 2022 Championship, Adidas I wanted to say specifically this aspect of the game. And he did it in the most imaginative way possible: a true invention of family reunion. This is the title of the new campaign, which describes and thus celebrates the power of football as an element of union between people.

The protagonists of the video are the great football testimonies of Adidas: Leo Messi and Ballon d’Or winner Karim Benzema of course, but also Jude Bellingham, Pedri, Son Heung-min, Achraf Hakimi and Serge Gnabry. The montage begins with Jude Bellingham and Pedri Benzema being invited to get ready, to leave, just for Karim to have breakfast – based on goals, of course. Even Messi does not seem ready to leave, given that he has been playing ping-pong to himself since 2006, the year he made his World Cup debut with Argentina. Then it’s the turn of Son Heung-Min, Hakimi and Gnabry, who dresses up and fills the bag with his unmistakable style. Finally, the scenario will move to a bus station, with the destination of the World Cup of course. And that’s where the latest surprise comes in: The center is led by rapper Stormzy, the football great, fan of Manchester United and also the founder of Merky FC, the team that fights discrimination within the game.



The meaning and message of this declaration are clear: impossible is nothing, adidas’ historic claim, is interpreted in a new, contemporary and above all transversal way, as World Cup preparations concern all fans. And in certain cases, nothing is impossible: not even challenging an older version of yourself to table football, as Messi does. In addition, there are many other references to the history of adidas and its football family: wall hanging pictures, fridge magnets, postcards, cross stitches, everything that reminds us and tells us how beautiful and unpredictable football can be. ..and thus predicts in a way what might happen in Qatar in the next few days.

Even Florian Alt, Vice President of Global Brand Communications at adidas, confirms that the spirit of the campaign is just that: “Over the next month we will see new players conquering the scene, an underdog team beating the odds, scoring amazing goals and celebrating in style in every corner of the planet: This is the feeling of anticipation that we wanted to convey on the eve of a rare moment, which happens once every four years, the start of the World Cup.” It is clear that the adidas campaign consists not only of the place you see above: the “flight arena” will be created in Qatar, an official fan area where Fans will be able to watch all matches live and test themselves on a specially designed stadium.The stadium, meet football legends and enjoy a variety of augmented reality content.For those who cannot travel to Qatar, many activities will be launched on social media, so as to solidify the community world at such an important moment.


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