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Lando Bozanca’s son against the doctor and his partner Della Valle: “I will sue them: my father is better”

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on terms Lando Bozanka Is a child trying to spell, after the doctor Fulvio Tomaselli and partner Frances de la Valle For days they have been denouncing the dangerous situation in which the actor will find himself, and he has been admitted to the Gemelli Hospital in Rome. Maximilian BozankaThe actor’s son announced his desire to sue “Della Valle, who ruled a judgment that has no right against my father and Tomaselli.” Buzzanca’s son explainedDealing From the desire to protect his father and his father TotalIt is for this reason that he intends to make “a complaint to the surety and also to the order of the journalists, the profession of della Valle and the doctors concerning Tomaselli”. With regard to allegations of default by Rsa Which hosted Buzzanca in the last period, then said the son to evaluate a open Against Hulk, but on “This I Have to Think About,” he added. At the end of 2019, the Buzzacanca Kids requested and received a nomination Support Officer To the actor who was already seriously ill at the time. After a few days of treatment in the hospital, Massimiliano Bozanca explained that his father «was better today. I went to see him and said he ate everything, even candy, and was more active, as a person with dementia can be.”

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