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Born in Barrasso, Le Pi is a new space to give vent to old-fashioned passion

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A fresh shop where you can find inspiration, feel at home and hunt for bargains. It will open soon in Barassoin Piazza San Nicone 11, Le Pi Vintage Store: clothing, but not only furniture, art pieces and things made by artisans.

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Born in Barrasso, Le Pi is a new space to give vent to old-fashioned passion 4 out of 27

Giorgia Loria will open it38 years old, graduated in fashion and fashion history in Bologna, passionate about vintage and art, mother of three children (2 girls and a boy), loves sports, animals and He has a lot of ideas for his new store.

«Born for fun, Le Pi is the result of a global product vision To choose that you do not like to surround simple and vulgar clothes. What I’m suggesting is a little space, pied-à-terre, and a drawbridge between what’s on the market and what can be private and customized: lo b It’s an antique store where they were found New items selected from exclusive collections, furnishings, plate services and mugs that encapsulate the charm of the 70’s, handcrafted pieces created by skilled craftsmen giving life to an original product. Georgia explains. inside Mix of colors, furnishings and objects You will be able to please the eye of the beholder. Everything wants to be associated with the pleasure of beautiful things, the search for finding an unexpected article, the pleasure of looking around and noticing the thing we were looking for without knowing it ».

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In Italy, the flea and vintage market is growing rapidly. 73.2% of Italians buy old and used clothes, 45% of them buy used clothes, 49.5% choose old clothes for convenience reasons, 32.1% for sustainability.

Born in Barrasso, Le Pi is a new space to give vent to old-fashioned passion

«I’m a serial hoarder and researching family dna. My brother has turned his passion for flea markets into a job (he runs Leclettico, an important modern art gallery in Milan), while I hope to achieve the same results with my passion for wine. Over the years, my passion for quality pre-owned has led me to always pick certain places for my purchasesAnd, of course, you prefer those in which you find a certain piece, the clothes of the past, the antique furniture that warms the house. And also A way to stand out and claim your own taste and personalitydirecting purchasing power towards exclusivity and distinguishing itself from the standardization dictated by fashion – he adds -. lo b It also wants to be a constant point of collaboration with those who are skilled in the art of creativity, which range across various sectors and styles. A new project is taking shape across space: to write the story of each of us, about a loved one, about a friend, a relative, in short, for anyone who wants to leave a trace for himself and a memory for those who will come ».

Opening Sunday December 4th from 4-8pm with an aperitif at 6pm: «I am happy to welcome you to my restaurant, to show those who come what I do, perhaps with a cup of coffee in hand, and to share my ideas for the future, for example, to create a line of jeans inspired by the theme from nature … Whoever comes to visit me will give a small gift for those who love him.”

Born in Barrasso, Le Pi is a new space to give vent to old-fashioned passion

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Le Pi Vintage Store
San Nikon Square 11, Paraso
Opening Sunday, December 4, 4/8 p.m

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