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The time and place for a cinema for all: Lasino D’Oro that looks at the world and speaks to Irpinia

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December is seen as a white space, a quiet time to rest and wait. But not in Avellino. here Lasino d’Oro Ready to fill our days with world cinema, images, reminders and ideas to prepare minds and imaginations for next spring. Eight days of madness From 3 to 10 Decemberwhich will allow us to see the rich, intense and complete program that gives substance to the subject 48th International Film Festival.

Performances, interviews with authors, concerts, exhibitions, masterclasses and workshops. At the heart of the program are three international competitions: Lasino d’Oro 48 – Designed for feature films, feature films and documentaries – Eyes on the city -Dedicated instead to short films dealing with the themes of urban spaces, environment and landscape – and finally Campania area the section is open to productions created in the Campania region or to authors of Campania, whose prize this year is entitled to Chiara Rigonia talented author and director from Irpinia He died in May 2023.

The curtain will rise Sunday And on the stage we will find Robert GidigoyanThe Marseille director who made his films A Social and political statement And its birthplace is the form and language of his cinema, which always finds a place in the port and the decadent neighborhood of Eastac, where his characters display – between despair and tenderness – life, miserable but never surrendered, sad and yet full of strength.

And the December 3 The day will be dedicated to celebrating this art that will find space in the room Eliseo Cinema Avellino – 6 p.m. – by one Masterclass is open to the publicThen it will hit theaters Movieplex From Mercogliano with delivery Pier Paolo Pasolini Lifetime Achievement Award Showcasing Gedigoyan’s latest production, The party continues!which is currently showing in more than three hundred French cinemas, will be distributed in Italy only in March.

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“Pasolini ne m’a pas Quitté”: the director wrote when he heard the news of the confession. “Pasolini never left me”. This is exactly how the association was created with Lasino d’OroFounded by Pierpaolo Pasolini in 1959 with intellectuals from Irpinia Camilo Marino And Giacomo D’Onofrio.

A dream come true Fantasy club Who collected the heritage of that history and carries it forward by continuing to organize the festival: “In 2005, we hosted Ken Loach – explains President Antonio Spagnuolo – and in 2006 the brothers Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne. Today, with Robert Guedeguian, the circle is closing around the great cinema that places human solidarity, social struggle, and military and political conscience at the center. Of course, over time, many authors have emerged committed to these narratives, but so is our book Generational love. I remember that in 2001, a few days before the G8 meeting in Genoa, we chose to show his film On the attack! More than twenty years later, we return to these topics, and also devote a retrospective exhibition to them in this edition of Lasino d’Oro».

The container can only be symbolic and specific, such as the content: “Open doorsElisha The meeting with Guédiguian is important – continues Spagnuolo – and will be a place for discussion with the director, narrating his experiences, questions and listening, in an open dialogue about his literary and human journey. Unfortunately, the structure is not yet ready to host Lasino d’OroOr other expectations without external technical support. One of our priorities during the festival is to provide valuable insights, which require high quality to ensure the best possible enjoyment, and this still represents a limit for the previous generation who At present, it is not a cinema, but just a hall. On our part, there is a great desire to one day bring the festival to these places, to contribute to its final opening and to creating a tangible experience. House of Cinema CultureHowever, there must be the necessary conditions to work well, without improvisation.”

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Lascino d’Oro that looks to the world and speaks to the city. An international festival lasting forty-eight years that has seen pauses, complicated moments, faced obstacles, struggled to revive the cinematic culture of Irpinia, progresses courageously, grows in beauty, shares ideas, and always hosts the biggest names in cinema. world.

A commitment that has never changed: “This edition represents us completely. Let us just think of the two Lifetime Achievement Awards – concludes Antonio Spagnuolo – the first was withdrawn by Robert Gidigoyan to signify that connection with Reality cinema, which has not been lost since the beginning of the festivalExpressing himself primarily through his civic and political passion for images. The second prize is awarded to Paul SchraderAnother great hero of the year who will be honored to be with us to present his next film – Mr. Gardener – To close the review. In Schrader lies the development of the festival, as he is the father of the new American cinema, who modified the aesthetics, language and images of Hollywood. Well, it gives us great pleasure to reach this level, to be known and to be able to feel appreciated on the international stage, to be chosen by names of this stature, and to welcome them to our province, it is a pride. We have evolved a lot, and we will continue to do so without following the path of homogeneityBut we always keep our aspirations high. “I hope to meet a growing, alert and engaged audience to reflect on it.”

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