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Can Xbox give up Call of Duty exclusivity to earn a mobile store? –

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The Clash between Microsoft and Sony Regarding the acquisition of Activision Blizzard It is common knowledge and many will also know that the situation has now become complicated as the Financial Market Authority – the UK regulator – is investigating.

However, the focus of online discussions is not on acquisition in its entirety, the more files call of duty control, which has become a symbol of the entire business process, even for more than legitimate reasons. Making Call of Duty exclusive to Microsoft (eg for Xbox, Cloud Game Pass, and PC) would be a huge blow for Redmond, but it would also be a bad blow for PlayStation, which earns a lot from the shooter’s story and fears losing a lot. users, especially long-term.

The long-term Which is the real point, because for several years Call of Duty will remain cross-platform as agreed with Sony, and perhaps most importantly, it won’t reach D1 on Game Pass for long.

Call of Duty Warzone Mobile

The acquisition of Activision Blizzard, somewhat similar to that of BethesdaObviously, it’s not meant to sabotage the market right away, but as an investment that will pay off later. However, these fruits go beyond the vision of the average console player, as evidenced by an official document that Microsoft submitted to the CMA.

Microsoft sees the acquisition of Activision Blizzard not only as a way to dominate the console field, but also because it will get the epics – and most importantly – a personalized experience for mobile world.

As we have indicated, Xbox plans to build its own mobile store to rival the App Store and Google Play, but to do so, it will necessarily have to offer a selection of highly desirable games in an exclusive way, such as Call of Duty Mobile and Candy Crash Saga.

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it’s not Investing to be underestimatedAs Microsoft explained, “Mobile customers account for approximately three-quarters of Activision’s MAUs,” where MAUs refer to active users on a monthly basis. In very simple words, many users are willing to spend a lot of money.

Also, getting Activision Blizzard will bring him along Experience in creating mobile games successful. It would be somewhat of an acquisition along the same lines as Bungie’s purchase of Sony Interactive Entertainment. Destiny has remained cross-platform, and Bungie still has significant editing and production autonomy, but provides PlayStation with “technical know-how” in creating “as-a-service” titles, which the company cares a lot about.

Although the commercial strength fate Not comparable at least to Call of Duty, it wouldn’t be inconceivable that – in the event that things get really difficult with the CMA – Microsoft accepts the idea of ​​limiting its control over Call of Duty, in order to access the aforementioned mobile experience. Investing in mobile, which as far as we know has no immediate limitations, could lead to more profits and benefits than Call of Duty could provide for many years (we repeat, agreements between Sony and Activision will ban Microsoft in the event of an acquisition. Anyway) .

naturally, Phil Spencer Their colleagues prefer to have their cake and eat it, but we think having the ability to quickly enter the mobile world can be a fair trade to keep Call of Duty cross-platform, just as you did with Minecraft.

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