November 28, 2023

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Birds of the Night of Prey, Between Science and Superstition: In Oristano an Encounter with Federico Colli

Birds of the Night of Prey, Between Science and Superstition: In Oristano an Encounter with Federico Colli
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Tuesday 11 October 2022

Many are fascinated by it, but there are also many popular beliefs about it – especially in Sardinia. They are nocturnal birds of prey, the protagonists of a book by Federico Colli to be shown on Saturday in Oristano. Appointment at 6 pm in the Berlinguer Foundation Hall, via Canepa 58, at the initiative of Lipu of Oristano.

The evening will be coordinated by Gabriel Peña, delegate of the Province of Lebo and Giovanni Pechida, Head of the OTUS Project (Oasis of Protection Strigiformes) Sardinia will intervene.

“During the meeting, the author—a science teacher, author of natural literature books and articles, collaborator and consultant for nature journals and environmental and documentary television programs—will address the biology, ethology, and superstitions that have accompanied these birds over the centuries,” predicts Gabriel Pena.

“In Federico Cauli’s interesting book, written in a strict manner and easily accessible to everyone, we will be able to learn everything about the biology and behavior of these birds. The book is 411 pages long and contains 182 photographs by the best Italian and foreign photographers”, continues the representative of Lippo. The strigiformes, known as nocturnal birds of prey or owls, form a distinctive and very homogeneous order of predatory birds of clear appearance, due to their large rounded head and erect position. The most famous of them in Sardinia are the barn owl, owl and owl. We often hear them but can’t see them, thanks to their amazing mimicry. The flight is silent and the hearing is exceptional. Features that allow them to pounce on their prey in the utmost silence.”

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In Campidano, the barn owl is known as Sa Streaa witch, usually hides in the hollows of ancient buildings, and behaves exclusively at night, unlike an owl that can be observed even during the day resting on stones and pillars ”, continues Pina. “Popular superstition rages on the owl, its sad hair kokumyo Presentiment. In fact, it is said that when the owl sings over the house, some of the inhabitants die. Also in the literature there are many examples of how owls are considered birds of magic and death: sad, cursed, ghostly. ”