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Digital transformation, government gives space to young innovators

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The government leaves room for Young Innovators. There are many challenges that Palazzo Chigi will have to face on themes of Digitalwhich inevitably intersects with energy crisis and the environmental transformation. Our country has made progress, and it is now important not to waste the human heritage of skills and projects accumulated so far. New enabling technologies have also opened new avenues of training for both the youngest and the “elderly” who want to bridge the digital divide with regard to their work and professional skills. And right from the world start Access to many successful cases.

It is important to highlight how important the steps have already been taken. Just think of the last back in Forum Ranking And to the steps our nation has taken forward to create and grow a digital ecosystem that enhances people, their skills, and their ability to work. A collective effort that once again demonstrated how the state, corporations and intermediary bodies can create shared value for society.

Italy in crisis frightens digital natives

However, many so-called digital natives view school and even academia with suspicion. Those, in fact, find themselves caught between fear for their future and thinking about looking for their fortune elsewhere. This last item is well known in the records with an apparent increase brain imigrante. The truth shown by the Audit Bureau has increased by more than 40% from 2013 to today.

Young people and future generations are the cornerstone in which politics and the production system must be invested. The topic has been highlighted in particular byANGI – National Association of Young Innovators Who, as a reference point for innovation in Italy, presented its manifesto for youth support and training for ministers personally for youth policies and public education.

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The next generation of the European Union to support the future of young people

The social and cultural challenge that The next generation of the European Union Focus on all six of his tasks. Without forgetting, of course, highlighting in its formulation a paradigm shift in both approach and method towards those who will create the working and administrative class of our country. A new social agreement between entrepreneurship, enterprises and the working class can be of great help in promoting opportunities for growth and well-being at the collective level, without leaving anyone behind and, above all, the role of women and new generations.

Being innovative means thinking outside the box, promoting projects, and fostering talent. This is the appeal of Angi to the Italian and European institutions with the aim of giving a strong acceleration to the modernization of the country. All this, finding solutions in concrete and rational proposals that prepared and proactive youth can make to companies and administrators. Recognizing that every change must be accompanied Policies that leaves no one behind. The government is leaving room for young innovators.

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